At last! Apple’s iTunes Connect update offers real app insights

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We’re all about discoverability here at Yodel Mobile. In fact, it is an essential pillar of our Fit to Market programme for app marketing success. So, finally, Apple have implemented some really useful  changes to iTunes Connect, making it easier to see how your apps have been discovered.

The shortcomings of App Analytics in iTunes connect have been apparent since its launch two years ago. However, Apple have recently made some thoughtful changes for developers, such as the ability to respond to app store reviews. And now, with a focus on offering a deeper insight into app analytics, the new update will give visibility of new source types to aid developers in their mobile marketing efforts. With 63% of iOS app customers browsing in the app store to discover new apps, these are integral metrics to keep tabs on. And with WWDC just around the corner, the timely update could pave the path for the event, where we are expecting some big changes and announcements from Apple. But until then…

What to expect from the new iTunes Connect update

With the new iTunes Connect update, Apple present to you: Store Browse, App Store Search, App Referrer and Web Referrer.

This means developers now have a greater insight into where their users come from. It offers visibility of how apps are being discovered, whether that is through search or browsing the app store. You can now see if a user lands on your app store listing through Top Charts, Categories, Featured, or through keyword searching. Landing on the app store listing through a Search Ads is also included in this data.

Meanwhile, the new metrics also include counting users who land on your listing through a link from another app. Apple says this is a great way to optimize your marketing campaigns by focusing on the apps that drive the most App Store impressions, downloads, and billings. This has spilled over into web too, and with Web Referrer data. Developers can pin point web sources that are successful in driving traffic to your product page.

In conjunction, these metrics allow developers to harness a more holistic view of your mobile marketing, PR and App Store Optimisation efforts.

What are the implications for your mobile marketing

Knowing where your users find your app is vital in implementing optimisations for your apps to improve discoverability.

There are many third-party tools that offer a similar view of your app’s metrics. However, the App Analytics dashboard offers a first-party measurement solution, and there is comfort knowing the metrics come directly from the horse’s mouth. It’s the first time apple app publishers have been able to access first party insight as broad as this.

The update can especially help you measure the results of your App Store Optimisation efforts, with insight into how your app store listing is being found. It can answer questions such as what the most effective route to your listing, is it high ranking in a specific category or appearing higher in a search ranking? Now developers will better understand how keyword changes effect search rankings in the App Store and optimise as appropriate. On top of this, App Referrer now shows developers if their users have come from certain channels that were normally difficult to track, such as Messenger. This is a new level of insight that can be incredibly valuable, especially in relation to direct messaging apps. Normally, a tracked link will only affirm that a link has been shared, not necessarily which channels users are sharing across. This means social sharing and virality can be tracked and optimised for much easier from now on.

With greater sophistication of metrics offered by Apple, developers can now measure user engagement, optimize marketing campaigns, and monetize their iOS apps straight through Apple’s iTunes Connect dashboard.

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