User acquisition (UA)

Our User Acquisition team has acquired millions of high-value users for global brands to scale their growth efforts. Our performance marketing goes above and beyond ‘install’; we leverage internal reporting technologies and AI for optimisation, produce effective Custom Product Pages for high conversion and ensure a seamless collaboration with ASO & the Creative Studio to drive high-value users and true campaign success. Partnering with over 100+ trialled and trusted acquisition partners across:

  • Paid Social
  • Search
  • Display
  • Programmatic
  • UGC and influencer marketing
User acquisition
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Experience growth with our expert team

Embark on your app’s journey from pre-launch to market dominance with Yodel Mobile’s experienced team at your side. Our skilled professionals, equipped with cutting-edge technology, serve as a seamless extension to your team. We offer transparent, incremental growth strategies that not only drive your mobile app’s success but also enhance your in-house expertise.

Our approach to user acquisition campaigns

Utilising our extensive benchmark data and a diverse array of third-party tools, we delve deep into competitor and market analysis to provide you with realistic and actionable growth benchmarks. Our insights help tailor your user acquisition strategy to be not just competitive, but also optimally aligned with market dynamics and opportunities.

Enhance your app’s reach and ad spend efficiency with our expert-led, multichannel ad service, focusing on strategic targeting and testing on channels including Apple Search Ads, Google App Campaigns, Meta, TikTok, leading networks and DSPs.

Our User Acquisition experts craft a bespoke multichannel ad strategy, honed to boost conversions and minimise CPA costs, guiding your growth journey with precision.

Elevate your campaign’s effectiveness with our ongoing creative optimisation. With the help of our creative studio, we develop engaging video and static creatives that compel users to click and download, keeping your app front and centre.

Our custom dashboards integrate data from your MMP and ad platforms, providing a complete view of your campaign’s performance and enabling a data-driven approach with detailed insights.

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Ad partners

Utilising 16 years of experience in mobile campaigns, Yodel Mobile enhances your growth through strategic channel selection, budget management, and tracking, focusing on cost-effective acquisition of high-value users for sustained engagement, leveraging our network for your app’s success in the evolving digital landscape.

Automated acquisition reporting

Gain instant access to a complete picture of your multi-channel campaign performance, allowing you to see the tangible impact of each optimisation. Performance data at your fingertips, updated in real-time, for making swift and informed decisions.

Track and improve critical metrics like CPIs (Cost Per Install) and CPAs (Cost Per Acquisition) and reports with precision, driving increases in your CVR (Conversion Rate) and boosting install rates of your campaigns.

We want you to trust your data, ensuring every decision is backed by robust, data-led insights.

Automated acquisition reporting
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