5 Apps to Best Tackle Working From Home


1. Asana: organize tasks and work

Asana working from home app

Asana allows users to easily capture and make note of tasks, to-dos, reminders and ideas. It also improves the ease with which teams can communicate, as teammates are able to use the app to enter into conversations, ask questions in a project or even comment on a task. A major benefit of Asana is that users are able to continue using the app whilst offline and the updates will sync once they are back online.

Large workloads can often seem impossible to tackle without the immediate help of teammates around you. That’s why apps, such as Asana, which provide a multi-functional tool where you can organise your projects and tasks and communicate with your team, can prove to be extremely useful.

2. White Noise+ Sound Machine

White Noise+ Sound Machine app

For those who are used to the office background noise, but find music to be too much of a distraction. White Noise+ Sound Machine provides users with an option to create their own background noise using a variety of sounds. Users can adapt the complexity and volume of each sound to create a unique background noise that suits them.

Struggling to adapt to new environments can play a large part in the decline of productivity when working from home. White Noise+ Sound Machine is effective in allowing users to customise their perfect setting.

3. Toggl: Time Tracker for Work

Toggl working from home app

For those who find that since working from home they are no longer able to accurately say where their time has been spent, Toggl allows users to track and save time throughout the day. Users can even track time using Siri, to avoid having to pick up a phone and manually inputting details. In addition to this, summary reports provide users with a further analysis of where time is being spent, which can help to encourage future productivity and time saving techniques.

The simplicity and ease of use of the Toggl app, means that it does not inadvertently take up additional time or become a method for distraction. Instead, Toggl users rarely have to manually open the app and can still benefit from the tools provided. This is a prime example of an app, where the purpose of the app is actually to spend as little time within it as possible.

4. Evernote

Evernote app

Evernote is an app which helps users combine all of their notes and view them in one place. This includes hand written notes, to-do lists, photos, audio and web pages. In a time where people commonly use multiple different devices, platforms and tools to organise their daily lives, tasks can unintentionally be forgotten about. It can also be overwhelming when you have post-it notes, emails and phone reminders all reminding you of different tasks you should be prioritising. 

Apps such as Evernote, provide an innovative way to deal with these challenges and alleviate stress by combining all day-to-day tasks in one place making it easier to manage a work day.

5. Pocket

Pocket app

Pocket provides users with a useful way of capturing the content that is constantly being received throughout the day and curating a space filled with only the topics the user truly cares about. Users can save content from anywhere – including news, recipes, web pages – and read it later, at a time that suits them best. Pocket also provides a clear layout and removes any visual clutter, such as ads, providing users with an optimal reading experience. In addition to this, users can read in dark mode and sepia mode to help with eyesight, or even use the listen feature which allows users to listen to their articles.

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