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Your Complete Guide to Launching a Successful App in 2024

Download our guide where we share practical strategies to help you make your app launch a success in 2024!

The guide includes:

  • Essential research for the launch
  • Priming the app stores for discovery
  • Direction on creative positioning
  • Soft-launch approach
  • Monetisation strategies
  • Expert advice from MarTech leaders
Snapchat vs TikTok
Snapchat vs TikTok the Battle of the Platforms: Crafting Your App Acquisition Strategy

Ladies and gentlemen, marketing mavericks and advertising afficionados, prepare for the digital clash of the season! Weighing in with its multimedia features, interactive ad experiences and creative prowess, we have Snapchat now entering the ring. Armed with its dynamic short-form […]

TikTok UGC
How to Leverage TikTok UGC Ads

What are UGC Ads? A modern approach to advertising, User generated Content, (UGC) offers a unique avenue for brands to share their message through authentic voices and experiences. UGC is original, brand-specific content created by social media users and published […]

Google Natural Language API
How to leverage the Google Natural Language API to boost your ASO Efforts

The world is changing fast – and Google is changing with it. Over the last year, Google’s ongoing push on their machine learning and AI capabilities has continued to accelerate. Everyone knows about ChatGPT, but did you know that Google […]

Optimising E-Commerce
E-Commerce App Marketing Top Tips

There have been major shifts in the e-commerce sector in the last few years, with luxury retailers in particular seeing a significant decline in brand strength (read more here). These shifts have caused us to deep-dive and explore the current […]

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App Launch 2024
App Launch in 2024: The Essential Guide

App launch – it’s no easy feat. Current market statistics show that 1,609 apps are launched daily in the Google Play Store and in February 2024 alone, approximately 37,000 apps were released in Apple’s App Store. In 2024, where the […]

Your App Crash Rate is Impacting Your Growth – Here’s Why

POV: You’ve spent a lot of time developing the perfect app. This app will unveil your genius to the world; in this moment, this app is your legacy. You proudly launch it onto the app store. Time passes and you […]

App Store Optimization for the Apple Vision Pro 
App Store Optimization for the Apple Vision Pro 

Apple‘s latest product release has revealed its ambition to lead in the progress of wearable technology. A testament to this is the recent addition to its product catalogue – the Apple Vision Pro headset. Officially released in the US on […]

Love Your Users: Building Lasting Relationships for Long-Term App Success 
Love Your Users: Building Lasting Relationships for Long-Term App Success

It’s Valentine’s Day, and love is in the air. Maintaining healthy relationships with your loved ones requires ongoing effort and commitment; the same goes for retaining and engaging your app user base. In 2023, we saw daily retention rates across […]

How to optimise your CPP for iOS campaigns – Mastering Mobile Marketing Video

Acquiring new app users is a top priority for many businesses, but it often comes at a significant cost. Optimising your mobile and app marketing campaigns can be tricky. This is especially the case when considering how to lower your […]

5 Mobile Marketing New Year Predictions for 2024
5 Mobile Marketing New Year Predictions for 2024

Happy New Year! With 2024 comes new ideas and possibilities for your app marketing strategy. The app world constantly changes every year, and staying on top of the latest trends and developments is the most strategic way to ensure your […]

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