Top 6 Fitness and Wellness Apps For Home Use

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1. Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club app

One of the top fitness apps we must mention is Nike Training Club. The app provides users with a personalised fitness app based on their workout needs and goals. Users are provided with how-to videos and comprehensive workout plans in order to ease the workout process. The personal plans can also be tailored to users progress, schedule and other activities to help encourage users to continue engaging with the app.

With step-by-step assistance and personalised workouts the Nike Training App encourages users of any proficiency to start exercising at home. 

2. Couch to 5k

Couch to 5k fitness app

As people switch gyms for home workouts and outdoor exercises, Couch to 5k provides a suitable alternative for people of any ability who want to run 5 kilometres. Couch to 5k provides users with a flexible programme, which allows them to achieve goals and milestones at a pace that suits them. The fitness app provides countdown timers so users are able to track how long they have left of each run and will work alongside the users preferred music player to provide a seamless user experience. 

Couch to 5k also enables users to track progress and awards achievements, as well as rating how they feel before and after runs, encouraging users to continuously engage with the app.

3. Lover: the Sexual Wellness app

Lover wellness app

Lover is a comprehensive guide to sexual health and happiness. It assists users with finding new ways to explore themselves and their partners. In addition to this, the app helps users achieve goals and overcome personal challenges, to help users feel more confident and fulfilled. Lover provides a holistic method which covers education, ongoing practice and new techniques. The app thus enables users to take time for themselves with guides for mindful practices and physical exploration.

As we all learn to spend more time at home, Lover can help expand users’ knowledge of sexual wellbeing and improve overall confidence and satisfaction.

4. Gymshark Conditioning app

Gymshark fitness app

Whilst the Gymshark Conditioning app has traditionally been more focused around guided exercise routines for the gym, they have now incorporated free home workouts so users can workout from the comfort of their living room with athlete curated workouts. Gymshark’s workout app allows users to structure and plan workouts, as well as track progress and share workouts with friends. Through the use of video tutorials, the app makes it easy for users of all abilities to take on a new workout routine at home.

5. Tone & Sculpt

Tone & Sculpt app

Tone & Sculpt is an all-in-one nutrition and fitness app. The app provides users with workouts of different abilities, customising each plan, recipe and workout based on the individual user. The user also has the ability to create their own workouts and meal plans. Tone & Sculpt is one of the fitness apps that works both at the gym and for home workouts, regardless of whether you have equipment or not. Tone & Sculpt has created an online community where users can learn new fitness tips and provide their own advice, it even provides fun challenges to try with friends.

6. Relax Melodies: Sleep Better

Relax Melodies app

Relax Melodies is an app that combines soothing sounds, bedtime stories and sleep meditations to aid relaxation and better sleep. Relax Melodies enables users to create their own personalised experiences and choose their favourite tracks, so that users can relax in their perfect environment. The app also enables users to set bedtime reminders and a timer which will stop the app after a set amount of time, so the app will not drain battery if the user falls asleep. 

Relax Melodies is a multifunctional app which provides a variety of methods that help users to relax, disconnect from work and get a better night’s sleep.

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