Music Festival Apps: Our Top 5 Recommendations

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Music festival season is here again! It’s the only season where you need to pack wellies with sun cream, a rain coat and glitter. Whether you’re going to Glastonbury, Latitude, Burning Man or even your family friend’s mini festival in their garden, you’ll need to be prepared. While putting together all your essentials, make sure you consider our top five music festival apps. A couple of extra apps pre-installed on your mobile won’t take up any valuable beer room in your bag, and these music festival apps could make all the difference to your adventures.

Festival Ready – iOS (free)

Are you? This basic but pretty comprehensive app combines many of the must-needs for your festival adventure all in one handy mobile place: a torch for finding your tent, a sound flare for attracting attention, live weather forecasts, packing checklist, 3D navigation, a customised LED ticker plus festival camping tips. Drop pins along your routes to find your way back to different spots and use the ticker messaging to keep in close contact with your mates.

Periscope – iOS and Android (free)

Want to share your experiences live with more than one person at a time? This smart app allows you to involve those friends via livestreaming who aren’t able to be there. Choose whether to share your livestream with a select few or anyone and everyone, then broadcast whatever you like. Be careful not to overdo it and make your friends sick with envy, though.

Battery Doctor – iOS and Android (free)

Of course there’s no point in having all these great apps on your mobile if your phone dies as soon as you hit the campsite. And who really wants to spend hours in queues for the charging tent? Battery Doctor accurately estimates how much longer your mobile will last, disables unnecessary power-draining apps and offers practical charging tips as well, so you’ll never find yourself cut off.

Find My Tent – iOS (free)

This app will come massively in handy when you’re trying to weave your way back through the darkness between all the very similar-looking and endless sprawl of tents. Mark and save the location of your camp and eliminate wasted time or the embarrassment of stumbling into a stranger’s tent. There is a similar app available on Android, which is also free.

Find My Friends – iOS (free)

An app to specifically help find your friends when they go wayward. This app will help you use your mobile to keep track of where certain people are, with information from TomTom. It’ll make life much easier when meeting up with friends or reuniting your group after people get lost in the crowds. You can, of course, turn it off as well! Again, there is a similar free app available on Android.

There we have it! Feel free to leave your music festival apps must-haves in the comments, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have an app you want Yodel Mobile to bring to the audience it deserves.

by Alice Moore

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