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Over the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing with you some app basics, best practises and trends relevant to the mobile ecosystem in our Mastering Mobile Marketing video series. Our team at Yodel Mobile possess extensive knowledge of the mobile marketing tools fundamentals needed to ensure that your apps can be as successful as they can be. We will be sharing insights on topics such as app discoverability, searchability and conversion optimisation.

This week, Megan Dean, our Mobile and App Marketing Planner here at Yodel Mobile, runs through the best solution for picking mobile tools for your app. She focuses on reviewing the marketplace and what you need to do to ensure you get the most out of your chosen tool.


Hi and welcome back to our Mastering Mobile Marketing video series. My name is Megan and I’m a Mobile and App Marketing Planner at Yodel Mobile. Today I’m going to be talking about how to pick the right tools for your app.

The first thing we’re going to consider is what you wish you knew about your user. The second thing is reviewing the marketplace. And the third thing is making sure you get the most out of your chosen tool by setting it up correctly.

What you wish you knew about your users?

Whether you are a new app building your analytics set up from scratch, or an existing app with a set up currently in place, this is a question you need to ask yourself.

Establishing your goals, KPIs and blind spots is the essential first step to picking your tool. Remember to also keep communication open across the company. You may find that your tool could solve multiple problems that different departments are facing.

Review the marketplace:

Sometimes, the most well known tools and brand names are not the best for the job in this case. Well established tools for the web may have a mobile branch, but they’re not necessarily the most mature tools in the mobile space.

Make sure to consider mobile first tools within your search. You also need to ensure to get the right balance between price and quality. It can be tempting to go for the lowest priced tool in the marketplace. But keep in mind, this tool will be driving most of your product and marketing decisions, so the ROI on this tool will be invaluable.

Make sure you get the most out of your chosen tool by setting it up correctly:

The journey does not stop there. You must spend the time to ensure that your tool is set up properly within your app. This is essential because different tools have vastly different information structures and dashboards, which will show your data in a completely different way to what you might expect.

You need to work closely with an expert in Analytics Tool implementation to ensure that your final set up will allow you to collect data in a useful way.

We also need to remember that this tool can not work in isolation. We are aiming to establish a single view of your user, that can you let you understand the impact of your product and marketing decisions.

Unfortunately no tool does absolutely everything so you may find yourself with a complex structure of information and tools. The key is to establish integration that will allow information flow into a centralised system.

This data can then be used in any number of ways such as the basis for a sophisticated and targeted mCRM strategy, which will have a great effect on your retention.

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