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In Review lumosity 2

Welcome back to our ‘In-Review’ series, where we choose apps from the app stores to put under the microscope to see how they can be optimised for organic acquisition, drive further engagement and increase retention. Each month we will review a different app, focusing on onboarding, user journey flow, App Store Optimisation, mCRM, UX, UI and much more, all integral elements of our Fit to Market programme.

This month, we will be reviewing Lumosity: Daily Brain Games, one of the top-ranking brain training apps in the stores at the current moment. We delve into the app to uncover useful takeaways for all app owners, noting what we feel the app does well and where we feel there are further opportunities for Lumosity to unlock app marketing success. This month there is a specific focus on leveraging social proof, App Store Optimisation, onboarding and social sharing.

About the App:

Lumosity is a free brain training app that offers improvements in areas such as memory, focus and problem-solving. The games are specifically designed to test a certain area of the brain and give users the opportunity to compare their scores to the wider community and keep track of their own progress. The app also offers a premium option to create a personalised program which unlocks more games and training.

Organic acquisition with a healthy dose of engagement:


The App Store listing is a vital conversion point for all apps so it is imperative that app owners ensure that their listing is optimised and compelling enough to convince users to hit that install button. Luminosity does this very well through engaging visuals, a dynamic app store video and convincing copy to communicate its strong brand identity and tone of voice to the potential user. The clear use of efficient keyword implementation for their listing ensures the app ranks highly and consistently for valuable terms, increasing chances of organic app installs from app store searches.

There is evidence that up to 59% of potential users check ratings before deciding to install, so social proof is key to maximising conversion to install. A focus on maximising their ratings and sentiment has also allowed Lumosity to validate the quality of the app. Luminosity uses social proof even in the screenshots, stressing that their product is the highest ranking brain training app in the stores as confirmed by millions of users.


Social sharing is a useful channel for maximising an app’s organic acquisition – users referred by others are typically high-intent and go on to become highly engaged users. There are a range of strategies to increase your social sharing numbers; offering incentives, linking to social apps, integrating prompts etc. Given the social and interactive aspect of Lumosity’s app, we believe integrating more social sharing options would improve the UX and, in the process, help boost organic acquisition


Luminosity could encourage users to share the app through clever share button placements or prompts, offer the ability to share scores and accomplishments to existing and potential users, as well as encourage users to play against their friends. Through strategies like this, Lumosity is likely to boost both the engagement and the virality of the app.

The fine line between education and inundation:


Onboarding is a user’s first interaction with the app and is, therefore, a vital retention point, one that should be refined on a continuous basis. With a plethora of onboarding approaches, Lumosity welcomes the user with strong design and visuals, interactive elements and value propositions which communicate the app’s strong branding and presence.


While the onboarding is interactive and the design and visuals are strong, it is long and prevents the user from immediately accessing Lumosity’s content – this is the best way to prove Lumosity’s value propositions and show the benefits to the user. The first friction point is the required sign up needed to access the app. The second is the preliminary test which could be a bit arduous and doesn’t give an indication of time needed for completion.


Streamlining the initial onboarding and giving user’s the opportunity to skip the initial personalisation and value propositions would help to reduce potential friction and drop off points. This ensures that, for everything Lumosity is putting into acquisition, they are able to retain these users. For more onboarding tips, check out our blog post!

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