Mobile Marketing Deep Dive: Interview with Mick Rigby

Interview with mobile marketing magazine

In the dynamic world of mobile marketing, keeping your finger on the pulse of this fast-evolving industry is what will allow your app to rise to the top. At Yodel Mobile, we’ve always been committed to pioneering innovative strategies, ensuring our clients not only stay ahead of the curve but also achieve long-term and sustained business growth and success.  

Industry expert, David Murphy of Mobile Marketing Magazine invited Mick Rigby, CEO of Yodel Mobile, to discuss all things mobile and app marketing. With technological advancements, changing user behaviours, and the introduction of new platforms and tools, it’s essential for app owners and marketers to stay updated. Watch the interview to learn more from Mick, David, and a special guest appearance at the end from our award-winning client over at B&Q. 

Yodel Mobile and Mobile Marketing Magazine Interview.

Yodel Mobile’s App Agency Journey: 

Mick Rigby’s insights into Yodel Mobile’s evolution provide a fascinating look at our journey. As one of the rare full-service growth agencies in the app space, we’ve navigated the many challenges faced by the mobile and app industry – all from changing privacy policies from Apple and Google to the difficulties in driving cost effective users. From mastering paid user acquisition strategies to ensuring user retention, our approach has always been holistic and forward-thinking. 

The Nuances of App Store Optimization (ASO): 

ASO is often misunderstood or oversimplified as a mobile marketing strategy. However, as Mick reveals, it’s a blend of art and science. Beyond just selecting the right keywords or designing eye-catching screenshots, ASO involves: 

  1. Discoverability: Ensuring your app stands out in a crowded marketplace and reaches your target audience. 
  1. User Experience: The next challenge is to compel them to download and use it. This involves creating an engaging and intuitive store front that gives users a taste of the user experience all the way from creatives to app store reviews. 
  1. Continuous Experimentation: The mobile space is ever evolving, and so should your strategies. Regular testing and optimisation are crucial to stay relevant and understand your users better. 

You can read more about what a comprehensive ASO strategy looks like and how to avoid the pitfalls of over simplification.

Challenges in the Data-Driven App Era: 

The introduction of Apple’s App Tracking Transparency and similar measures by other tech giants has significantly impacted the mobile marketing landscape. While these measures enhance user privacy, they also present challenges for marketers. Mick’s insights into navigating this new landscape, with a reduced data pool, are invaluable for brands looking to adapt and thrive. 

Spotlight on Success – The B&Q App Story: 

One of the standout moments in the conversation is the exploration of Yodel Mobile’s collaboration with B&Q. This partnership showcases the transformative power of strategic mobile marketing. From initial challenges to scaling their app and achieving remarkable revenue growth. Harry Blamey from B&Q also offers a unique client perspective, emphasising the value of a well-executed mobile strategy and the tangible results it can deliver. We go into full detail of our work with B&Q here on our blog if you want to read more. 

In Conclusion: 

Mobile marketing is not just about creating an app or running a campaign; it’s about understanding the ecosystem, anticipating challenges, and crafting strategies that resonate with your audience. And remember, the Yodel Mobile team is always here to assist, guide, and collaborate. Get in touch here to discuss all things app marketing.

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Smokehouse Yard, 44-46, St John Street, London, EC1M 4DF 🇬🇧