Yodel Mobile & B&Q win the Effective Digital Marketing Award!

Effective Digital Marketing Awards

The Yodel Mobile team is honoured to announce our award-win at the Masterclassing Effective Digital Marketing Awards 2022! 

effective digital marketing awards

Our App Store Optimisation campaign for our client, B&Q, was shortlisted in three app marketing award categories and secured the title of The Most Effective DTC Campaign. 

The Effective Digital Marketing Awards have a strong emphasis on effectiveness, so the winners are typically campaigns and solutions where solid evidence of success is a key component of the entry. 

Wondering how we did it? Let’s start from the beginning. 

B&Qs Challenges

The lockdown measures introduced in the UK put many brick-and-mortar businesses at risk with limited social contact and store closures. 

By February 2021, 75% of consumers switched to online shopping, turning mobile into an incredible opportunity for business growth, which our clients at B&Q wanted to take advantage of immediately. 

To understand B&Q’s growth challenges on mobile, the Yodel Mobile team conducted a deep-dive app audit which revealed that  80% of the total app’s traffic was branded traffic. That meant that the majority of the B&Q app users were linear users, usually in-store customers, who were looking to complete their purchases through the app. This nugget gave the team the clarity that despite strong brand awareness, the real opportunity was with new customer acquisition via mobile search. 

B&Qs Goals

As ASO Agency of the year 2021, our extensive experience in delivering organic mobile growth gave us the confidence that our 360 App Store Optimisation strategy will deliver and accelerate the brand’s key objectives: 

  • Increase organic visibility on the app stores
  • Increase new customer acquisition through the app 
  • Break into the top 10 ranking on the app stores in the Lifestyle category

Yodel Mobile’s  Solution

Yodel Mobile’s ASO 360 service is a multi-award-winning solution tailored to maximise organic discoverability and optimise conversion rate in the app stores. Based on proprietary data-led solutions and over a decade of ASO expertise, our effective and proven process is guaranteed to enhance app store visibility and maximise conversions, leading to increased organic growth in downloads. We incorporated App Store Optimisation as a part of a long-term strategy aiming to impact all four corners of B&Q’s organic discovery and acquisition. 

To support this strategy and secure the win of the Effective Digital Marketing award, we used our keyword optimisation framework followed by:

  • Extensive research – Yodel Mobile team applied a holistic approach to analysing user behaviour across web, search & SEO, social media platforms and intelligence tools, which helped them in defining trending and high-converting keywords that were neglected by competitive brands. 
  • Frequent keyword optimisation – a regular metadata optimisation cycle allowed for increasing the total number of indexed keywords, which had a positive impact on the discoverability of the app.
  • Regular performance analysis – our revisions were constantly monitored to quickly react to any fluctuations in keyword ranking.
  • Screenshot optimisation – it supported us in maintaining the high CVR of the listings even though non-brand traffic significantly increased.

Campaign Results

  • In only 2 months we improved B&Q’s ranking in the lifestyle category from 25th position to 8th on iOS and from 19th position to 1st on Android, significantly improving the brand’s discoverability.
  • That led to an over +220% increase in visibility on Google Play YoY and a +150% increase in visibility on the App Store YoY, significantly boosting the app’s chances for download.
  • The number of installs on iOS has seen a big uplift of 32.5% YoY.
  • The app also featured in the ‘Gardening & DIY Favourites’ list in the iOS App Store due to regular and vigorous optimisation cycles hugely boosting impressions.


The key to the success of the ASO performance of the B&Q app is down to the partnership we have with Yodel Mobile. We’ve combined B&Q’s strength of brand awareness, creativity, and agility of the in-house team with their market-leading expertise, strategy, and passion for driving our app performance.

– Harry Blamire, Senior CX, Content & Design Manager at B&Q


Want to learn more? Check out our talk at the App Promotion Summit in London for a step-by-step strategy that delivered 5x growth on mobile for B&Q.


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Smokehouse Yard, 44-46, St John Street, London, EC1M 4DF 🇬🇧