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In the latest Mastering Mobile Marketing ASO video strategies of the series, Lizzy, our Marketing Analyst at Yodel Mobile, covers the essential App Store Optimisation (ASO) strategies for success and gives an indication of how we do it at Yodel Mobile. Lizzy will cover things such as keyword optimisation, A/B testing, app review and feedback management and creative strategies that are essential for any successful ASO programme.

See the video transcript below:

Keyword Optimisation

65% of iOS apps are discovered using the search function on the App Store. Keyword optimisation and implementation are very important to increasing your visibility on the app stores. Tools like AppTweak give you the Keyword Efficiency Index or KEI, this a measure of efficiency based on its competition and volume of search.

Other strategies such as review mining use your competitors to find efficient keywords, as well as using similar tools such as Apple Search Ads, Google AdWords and others to help predict what could be well-performing keywords. Remember to avoid free keywords, like “app”, which take up space but don’t impact on your ranking.

Once you’ve chosen your keywords, it is crucial to track their performance. There’s a range of tracking tools you can use, with AppTweak, The Tool and App Annie being the more popular options.

Keyword performance isn’t just affected by your optimisations in the app stores; increased performance from your competition, seasonal variations and paid media are other contributing factors to consider. This makes it important to track a range of metrics.

App Review and Feedback Management

A robust ASO strategy should work in conjunction with a long-term retention and App Review and Feedback Management strategy or AR&FM for short. 59% of people usually or always check ratings before installing a new app – so even if everything else in your listing is optimised, if you have a small number of reviews, or a low rating, you may still lose those installs.

Optimising toward higher value conversion events, like sign-up for example, can lead to higher-intent users installing your app. Having a complex AR&FM strategy then ensures that happy customers are encouraged to review, improving your ratings and, by extension, your listing.

App Store Creative

Another important element of your ASO is the visuals on your app store listing. Less than 2% of users read the entire main descriptions, therefore they must be making their decision based on other, more visual, factors. Screenshots are an effective way of demonstrating your app’s features, visuals and value propositions to the user.

Your listing on the App Store can have up to 10 screenshots, exceeding Google Play’s current 8. It is unlikely, however, that all users will scroll through all 8 or 10 screenshots; your focus should be on optimising the first 2 or 3, these being the ones users see from the browse and search screens.

iOS 11 also rolled out the option to add a 30-second feature video to your listing. Storemaven estimates uplift in conversion from having a video on your listing is around 16%.

A/B Testing

A key process we use at Yodel Mobile to optimise Play Store listings is using A/B testing. This presents variants of the same listing to different users, letting you evaluate which ones increase conversion, by testing different aspects of your store listing, you can ensure you are converting as many store visitors to installs as possible

ASO for Success

At the end of the day there is no set ASO strategy that will work for your app. To maximise your performance on the app stores the best things you can do are:

  1. Manage your data; keep an eye on your keyword rankings and your competitors’ performance
  2. Experiment with your copy and visuals to maximise your conversion rates
  3. Stay on top of new industry processes and best practice

ASO should form a part of your wider mobile marketing, and, to ensure its effectiveness, should be used in conjunction with robust acquisition and retention strategies.

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