7 elements of a successful app launch strategy for startups – Mastering mobile marketing video series

In our latest Mastering Mobile Marketing video, we’ll be focusing on the marketing side of the app launch than the app itself. We have seven elements that, in tandem, will help you successfully launch your app. If you’re a startup, or an established business launching a brand new app, you need to consider the following:

  1. Analytics

First off, you need to make sure you have your analytics in place, because without this, all the tweaks you make to the app will be shots in the dark without real data on your users and how they use the app. 

  1. Tools

Speaking about tools, an investment in these can save you a lot of time, and money, when trying to tick all the check boxes that we’re going to talk about today. A little search can help you to avoid to devise these processes from scratch and one of our previous videos covers some tools for user metrics in particular. 

  1. Marketing plan 

It’s very easy to become too involved with your product itself and forgetting about your marketing plan, but it’s important to know that if things really take off, you need to be prepared for it. Having a plan that addresses what GEOs you will target or what your business models are going to be like, or what your monetisation strategy is, is vital to have in place before you actually launch your app.  

  1. Marketing materials

Along with your plan, you should also have your assets ready to start promoting your app so have all these trailers, videos, screenshots, and press releases ready for when you release the app, so you can supply the public and the users with information about your app, outside the app itself.  

  1. App Store Optimisation

The app store optimisation is a vital factor when trying to convert users searching the app store to actually downloading and installing your app.  See more on your ASO strategy here.

  1. Stores

In the new app store, the preview video as become a prominent feature in the app store that can really aid your conversion rates.  Apple has now introduced a more set process when featuring new apps on the App Store. So, have your story ready, your video assets, localise for different markets, and then contact Apple and tell them the story of your app. 

Getting featured is one of the best ways to get the organic traffic flowing into your app store listing. But don’t forget, your listing needs to be attractive enough to turn those impressions into actual downloads.  

  1. Social

The App Store and Play Store are not the only place that users can find your app, so make sure you have your social channels set up, you’re active on different forums. Even keep a personal blog to make sure you build up the hype to the actual launch of your app. The analytics tools that you’ve put in your app will then help you learn and iterate on all the different aspects of your app. Keep the content fresh and relevant, see what your users like about the app, and which features they don’t use as often. If your app is a game, do the balance changes to keep it challenging for all the users. Make sure you know which channels that you pay for are driving the best value traffic.  

Marketing should be seen as a continuous optimisation effort, trying to get the most out of your product.

It seems like a lot to think about, and we’re only scratching the surface, but these strategies will give your product an exponentially higher chance to succeed. 

If it all seems a bit overwhelming, were always here to talk, and we love hearing from exciting start-ups and finding ways that we can help them succeed.  

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