Retail Report: 5 Tips to Marketing Your New Shopping App

We’ve been working with Poq to bring you a report covering the 5 best tips to effectively marketing a retail app. App marketing not only complements a brand’s offline experience, but also drives ecommerce and connects a brand with its loyal customers. This guide provides the essential factors that will ensure your ecommerce app stands [...]

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Yodel Mobile: App Marketing Predictions 2019

2018 has been a noteworthy year for app marketing and the we’ve made it our mission to stay on top of new mobile and developments throughout the year. With 2019 fast approaching, the Yodel Mobile team have been mulling over what innovative developments and trends we think we’ll be seeing more of in the new [...]

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Yodel Mobile Achieves Global Leader Award for Second Year in A Row!

Yodel Mobile is pleased to announce that we’ve been selected by as a Global leader for 2018. This award is reserved for the highest performing companies on the B2B ratings and reviews platform across 5 main categories and multiple sub-categories. As a result of our 5-star review ratings and continuous drive to provide the [...]

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Mobile World Congress 2018: what to expect at one of the world’s biggest mobile events

We can’t believe Mobile World Congress 2018 is already around the corner and we are no-doubt excited for one of the biggest and greatest mobile events in the world. Last year MWC achieved record breaking attendance and was defined by some great launches in mobile, like the impressive Samsung Galaxy S8 and the modern classic Nokia [...]

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Looking back on Yodel Mobile’s 2017 and into the crystal ball for 2018

As the end of the year rapidly approaches, I can’t help but reminisce about what a year 2017 has been for Yodel Mobile. To start off, the app space has considerably evolved this year and so has Yodel Mobile’s Fit to Market programme. We honed down on the essential ingredients needed to cook up true [...]

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Apple acquires Shazam and obtains essential data to develop its products

You may have heard… Apple’s purchase of Shazam has had everyone talking this week – for a good reason. It’s likely a move which will help the company collect more data on people’s music interests, which will be undoubtedly useful in improving the Apple Music service. What can Apple gain from acquiring Shazam? Since its [...]

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Yodel Mobile win App Marketing Campaign at App Growth Awards 2017

We have some BIG news. This year, the organisers of the App Promotion Summit hosted their inaugural App Growth Awards in Berlin. The App Growth Awards aim to provide the annual barometer for the global app marketing and growth ecosystem and their events continue to foreground leading companies and individuals in the sector… …and the [...]

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7 elements of a successful app launch strategy for startups – Mastering mobile marketing video series

In our latest Mastering Mobile Marketing video, we'll be focusing on the marketing side of the app launch than the app itself. We have seven elements that, in tandem, will help you successfully launch your app. If you're a startup, or an established business launching a brand new app, you need to consider the following: Analytics [...]

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Flipping the Funnel: App Marketing Success | Mastering Mobile Marketing – Yodel Mobile Video Series

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing with you some app basics, best practises and trends relevant to the mobile ecosystem in our Mastering Mobile Marketing video series. Our team at Yodel Mobile possess extensive knowledge of the app marketing fundamentals. We will be sharing insights on topics such as app discoverability, searchability and conversion [...]

WWDC 2017: iOS 11 and App Store redesign will change the game for app owners

The long-awaited Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2017 has finally kicked off. Apple CEO, Tim Cook, took to the stage in San Jose, California this week to give his keynote speech in front of a tremendous audience of 6,000 developers. The keynote speech featured an array of announcements, and included the hardware release we’ve all [...]

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