Three golden rules for driving app installs through Facebook

Facebook has arrived as an ad platform, and Mr Zuckerberg’s social network offers real opportunities for app install campaigns. Facebook now has over a billion monthly users on mobile, and with increased competition in the app download space, it’s therefore a great network to help advertisers extend reach. Facebook is becoming very competitive as more [...]

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The Mobile revolution in Lapland

Mobile has revolutionised industry around the world – and that’s especially true of Lapland’s relentlessly-innovative Christmas sector. We surveyed Lapland’s oddly small and squeaky-voiced workforce, along with their talismanic and food loving CEO Mr Father “Santa Claus” Christmas, to find out exactly what effect mobile is having on the business. […]

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Gaming in the Mobile World – an infographic by Yodel Mobile & the MMA

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Keys, Money, Phone

Tiles have been getting a lot of press this week and with good reason, it’s a pretty cool product, if not a killer one.  Looking roughly a centimetre square, these little suckers will attach to all the important items we need every day and can be tracked via an iOS application.  So how do they work?  They are powered by Bluetooth and have a 50m to 150m range.  […]

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Top mobile phone apps and advice for the festival season

You know that festival season is well and truly here when you wake up to talk on the Radio about what the weather gods are going to be doing over Glastonbury for the next few days. The summer is ahead of us and every weekend from now until the end of September there is at least one major festival and a handful of boutique or music specific ones. The office is going to be quiet for the next couple of days as half the team have headed out to Glasto. […]

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App Promotion’s from Mars and Mobile Marketing’s from Venus

There is a distinct difference between Mobile marketing and App promotion. One is about focusing on your brand and using mobile to deliver a salient message drawing individuals closer to you and ensuring there is a predisposed positive association with your brand. The other is about “selling” a product, your application. It’s really important to remember this because mobile must be used completely differently dependent on what you are intending to try and achieve. […]

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Mobile App Launch Strategies (part 1): Tracking

So, you’ve launched a new mobile app into the relevant app store (be it Android’s Google Play, Apple’s App Store, Blackberry’s App World or now Microsoft’s Marketplace) and you’re up against the other 775,000 iOS apps (for example) for visibility, and a premium screen position once downloaded! So what’s next? Well if you’re asking that then maybe you have missed a few tricks pre-app launch.  […]

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Is There An Apple Evolution Underway?

All is not right with Apple. There has been a recent slip in the share price of the world’s favorite/despised tech provider.  It’s been reported that the sales of the iPhone5 haven’t been as good as they or the markets anticipated, and when even a blip in the success wave that the good ship Apple has been riding since launching the iPhone in June 2007 hits, the price drops. […]

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The Apple UDID tracking issue and the solutions

There was quite of buzz a couple of weeks ago when the inevitable was announced by Apple that, in layman’s terms, they were going to start kicking out apps that included UDID tracking from the Apple App store. Most advertisers using tracking through ad networks were using UDID pass -backs to allow them to track the number of downloads they were getting from their display activity.  This meant that they were sailing close to the wind due to the privacy laws In the US. […]

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