Revolutionising retail: essential ways mobile drives footfall

Certain mobile capabilities are becoming increasingly attractive to retailers, as they provide unique opportunities to drive store traffic and business value. We’ve recently seen businesses like Wholefoods (freshly acquired by Amazon) and Walmart use mobile in an innovative way, such as to ‘Scan & Go’ in-app. Strategies like these aim to create a fluid retail [...]

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Midway through MWC: it’s been a weird and wonderful trip so far

First impressions… Having attended the Mobile World Congress (MWC) for several years now, it certainly feels busier than usual this year. Attendees are arriving to the event early, and there’s no lull first thing in the morning like most of the previous years. Time to get the first-hand scoop on the highly-anticipated tech… The tech… For the [...]

Manic Monday and the search for a decent Mcommerce site

EpiSurvey announced on Monday that 33% of smartphone users had bought something on their phone. It bodes well for the Mcommerce sector as smartphone penetration increases rapidly and the average spends also go north ( 2010 it was £12.20, in 2011 it has been £17.49 IAB M-CommerceStudies). Based on the feedback from Black Friday spends on mobile, and the indications of how Manic Monday has bee,n I think we’ll see a massive jump over this Christmas period. […]

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The first feedback for mobile black friday

It looks like mobile Black Friday got off to a great start this year: Bosh – Shoppers in the US bought 2.5 times as much kit on eBay mobile on black Friday compared to the same day in 2010 Thwack – PayPal has announced a 516% increase in global mobile payment volume compared to last year These are serious figures, especially in a period of economic turmoil. […]

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Pull your mobile fingers out Amazon

I’m planning and buying my Christmas on mobile this year. This week I’m only going to be using mobile sites and apps that have actively reached out to me via email, links on ads such as QR codes and push messages by SMS. Saturday morning, and no word of a lie, my little lad got in on the act. Over breakfast he was pouring through the Argos catalogue looking at the Halo toy page – key reading when compiling Christmas lists – and piped up “it’s got one of those bar code scanners that you do dad”. […]

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Black Friday… and HMV scores a cracking goal just after kick off

This year I’ll be using my phone for all my Christmas needs  It’s Black Friday – the busiest shopping day in the year – The Friday after Thanksgiving in the US and Canada has been the BIG spending day of the Christmas shopping season since 2005. The buzz has started to resonate out from the states to other countries and in the UK it falls around the time of most peoples November pay being in their bank account… it’s going to be a big day at the tills. […]

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Starting with a plan of attack

I’m planning and buying Christmas this year on my Mobile Phones and iPad. Ok, so it’s got off to a good start. As I was told in the first week of my first job as a junior trainee media executive (note not even a trainee executive ), “he who fails to plan, plans to fail” [...]

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Mobile payments

The opportunity in Mobile isn’t simply a marketing opportunity for brands and advertisers. There are a load of other tools that the mobile infrastructure can offer that puts the medium head and shoulders above the rest of the media, including online. It would be churlish for me to wang on about them in great length in a blog, so if you are curious to know more then give me a shout. That said the one biggy that many brands and services are embracing is the ease of payment. […]

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