4 App Store Optimization Tools to Accelerate Your ASO Strategy

4 App Store Optimization Tools to Accelerate Your ASO Strategy

There are so many ASO tools out there it might be confusing to pin down the right one for you. In a world where mobile apps reign supreme, standing out in the crowded app marketplace is a formidable challenge. Fortunately, the key to unlocking visibility and success lies in mastering the art of ASO.

It’s not just about creating a great in-app experience anymore. It’s about ensuring that the right audience discovers your masterpiece. Therefore, leveraging the right ASO tools is imperative to ensure this happens.

Plenty of best ASO tools and resources will help you with your ASO strategy. To help you, we have pulled out 4 tools we think will help you excel in your ASO strategy. Whether you are focusing on your app listing conversion rate, keyword or competitor analysis support, there is an ASO tool for you. Data-driven decisions based on analytics and user feedback will ensure you have the tools and insights to conduct an excellent ASO strategy.

What is an ASO Tool?

App Store Optimization tools are essential resources for apps seeking to enhance their visibility and performance in the app store. These tools offer a range of features, including keyword research to identify relevant search terms, optimisation of app titles and descriptions, and analysis of visual elements like icons and screenshots.

ASO tools also facilitate competitor analysis. These enable users to understand the strategies of competing apps and identify opportunities for accelerating growth. Monitoring user reviews and ratings and providing insights into app performance through analytics dashboards are additional functionalities that will help you define your ASO strategies. By leveraging these tools, developers can make data-driven decisions, ensuring their apps rank higher in search results and drive more downloads in the competitive app marketplace.

Your ASO Foundation

Before even deciding on the tools you want to use, you it’s important to get up to speed on the foundations of the platforms that you are optimising for. The Google Play Console and the App Store Connect are services provided by Google and Apple to help manage apps on their platforms.

The Google Play Console facilitates the publishing and maintenance of Android apps on the Google Play Store. It allows developers to upload, update, and manage app details, providing performance analytics and monetisation options.

The App Store Connect allows app owners to submit and oversee their apps on the App Store. Developers use it to submit apps for review, update app information, access performance analytics, and implement various monetisation strategies.

These platforms play a pivotal role in overseeing your app’s analytics. They give you important KPIs, see accurate impacts on tests you run, measure your app’s metadata impact and much more. Some features are exclusive to certain platforms, like the Google Play Console, allowing you to see which specific keywords are bringing in the most traffic. Finally, both Apple and Google offer native tools such as A/B testing, In-app Events, Promotional Content and more, which are great features to drive more traction and optimise your listings.

Now, let’s get into the supplementary ASO tools that can take your ASO to the next level.

1. AppTweak

AppTweak is an App Store marketing & intelligence platform, driven by data science, enabling users to optimise their app’s organic and paid visibility in the app stores. For 10+ years, they have worked with companies like Uber, King, Paypal, Adobe, The North Face, and Zynga.

AppTweak is a comprehensive platform, offering ASO Intelligence, Apple Search Ads Campaign Management, App Store Review Management, and Market Intelligence. At the core of AppTweak is Atlas AI, a proprietary deep-learning language model trained on app store data since 2014.

AppTweak has many features focused on improving your app’s visibility and downloads, monitoring app performance and uncovering new growth opportunities. 

Key Features: 

  • AI Powered Keyword Research Suggestions
  • ASO Timeline with competitor updates, A/B tests &  In-App Events
  • Creatives Explorer with CPPs
  • App Store Page Design & Preview
  • ASO & Keyword Impact Analysis

AppTweak allows you to understand your app’s visibility, competitive landscape and app store user behaviour so you can make informed strategic decisions. 

Using tools like the keyword research tool allows you to find relevant keywords to help improve your app’s ASO. Being able to track relevant keywords throughout the year can help revitalise your app discovery as an always-on strategy. 

AppTweak has four different payment tiers: 

  • £83 per month, which is the cheapest option, allowing you access to the fundamental tools. This includes being able to research 500 keywords, look at 5 competitors per app and follow 5 apps.
  • £249 per month is a step up, allowing you to research 1,500 keywords, look at 10 competitors per app and follow 10 apps.
  • £499 per month is their second highest tier, allowing you to research 3,000 keywords, look at 15 competitors per app and follow 15 apps.
  • Enterprise option where you’ll have to get in touch with them to discuss the price, but you get a dedicated account manager, access to consulting services and training with app growth consultants.

2. AppFollow

AppFollow is a mobile app reputation management platform used to acquire organic user acquisition. It works with clients like McDonald’s, Riot Games, Disney, and T-Mobile and has over 100,000 users from all over the world. AppFollow utilises data across the app lifecycle to build successful apps with the power of features such as:

  • App Performance Monitor
  • User Review Management
  • App Growth Acceleration
  • Review Management Automation
  • AI Reply to Reviews

Their core offerings include App Store Optimization (ASO) tools for improving app discoverability, review and reputation management tools for monitoring and responding to user feedback, and customer support and help desk integration for streamlining support processes. AppFollow’s performance analytics, integration capabilities with other tools, and alert features make it a valuable resource for data-driven decision-making in your ASO strategy. Overall, AppFollow streamlines the ASO process, offering a comprehensive solution for enhancing app visibility, addressing user feedback, and driving continual improvement in your app.

AppFollow offers a range of pricing options, including a free option:

  • The free option allows you to research 1000 keywords, follow 10 competitors and access limited keyword tracking and limited ASO tools.
  • $62 per month allows you to research 3000 keywords, follow 50 competitors and access the full lineup of ASO tools.
  • $179 per month, you to research 9000 keywords, follow 150 competitors and access advanced keyword tracking, keyword intelligence tools and advanced reporting.

3. data.ai

data.ai (formerly known as App Annie) are an interesting case in the ASO tools world as it holds AI at the heart of everything it does. They are a trusted mobile data and intelligence platform trusted by 78 of the top 100 app publishers. Some of these include Tencent, Amazon, Uber, Disney and Meta. There key features focus on this fact:

  • Get Estimates for millions of mobile apps (downloads, revenue, usage…)
  • Optimise App Store Optimization
  • Improve Usage and Retention
  • Monitor Market and Competition
  • Build Prospect Lists

data.ai’s proprietary measurement for app performance powered by applied AI, Mobile Performance Score (MPS), unlocks mobile insights to drive decisions for the world’s leading brands. Their newest product, Total App Revenue, allows users to use AI to analyse massive amounts of revenue data that would usually be impossible for regular people. But with this new feature, you can figure out with more certainty which revenue streams are more profitable, as well as gauge the income of your potential customers. You can also assess your mobile app performance using data.ai’s industry-leading App IQ & Game IQ taxonomy. With over 300+ genres and subgenres across gaming and non-gaming apps, you can drill down to your hyper-granular cohort and unlock meaningful comparisons.

data.ai works on a ‘freemium’ model, where some features are free, but there are premium tiers that allow you to use other tools. You can find out which tools are on the free option and which ones are premium here.

4. Mobile Action

Mobile Action is a comprehensive ASO tool with a key focus on app market analytics and user acquisition optimisation. They pride themselves on their ability to offer top-notch market insights with their wide database. The platform is designed for app developers, marketers, and businesses across various sectors, providing a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the mobile app landscape. It has a plethora of clients from Adidas, eBay, Tencent and Adobe. It has an extensive number of products, including:

  • ASO Intelligence
  • SearchAds.com
  • Ad Intelligence
  • App Intelligence
  • Compass

One of these products, Compass, consists of three features: Explore, Trace and Impact. This provides a unified view of various metrics, events and activities that impact an app’s performance. Compass will help you find the exact causes of spikes and declines in your app’s performance.

Mobile Action has two pricing plans, including the free and enterprise option. The free plan includes access to basic features for small businesses starting their app optimisation journey. The Enterprise option allows access to advanced tools and analytics designed for larger businesses that require more data and customisation options.


Improving your apps ASO has become more and more crucial to find app success. Making sure you are leveraging the right ASO tool will help you significantly. Each tool will be more suited to your ASO efforts depending on what your app’s budgets and ASO objectives.

A successful ASO strategy lies in a combination of thorough keyword research, compelling visuals, and constant performance analysis. By utilising these top-notch ASO tools, you gain valuable insights to help you improve in the future. Investing time and resources in these ASO tools can be the game-changer your app needs. Stay ahead of the competition, adapt to evolving trends, and watch your app reach the audience it deserves.

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