Yodel Mobile Scam: Do Not Engage 

Scammers are pretending to be Yodel Mobile: Do Not Engage

Yodel Mobile Recruitment Scam

We at Yodel Mobile feel it’s crucial to address an ongoing issue that has been affecting not only our brand but also many other app marketing agencies in the industry. There are individuals posing as recruiters from our company, attempting to deceive and scam unsuspecting individuals.

 Please be aware:

  • These individuals are NOT affiliated with Yodel Mobile. They are impostors trying to exploit our company’s name for malicious purposes.
  • If you’ve been approached by someone claiming to be from Yodel Mobile, especially through platforms like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, exercise extreme caution. We do not use these platforms for any official communication or recruitment.
  • Never share personal information or engage in financial transactions based on unsolicited recruitment offers. Yodel Mobile’s recruitment process does not involve any financial transactions from candidates.

How to Identify a Yodel Mobile Scam

  • Communication Platforms: If someone claiming to be from Yodel Mobile contacts you via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger about “ASO Work” or offers to set up a login for a workbench website, please block them immediately. We do not use these platforms for recruitment or any official communication.
  • Fake Websites: Scammers have set up counterfeit websites that look like ours. Always check the domain. Our official website is https://yodelmobile.com/. Any other domain claiming to represent Yodel Mobile is not legitimate. Furthermore, we will never initiate contact with you through our website, nor will we ask you to complete tasks or work directly on our site.
  • Cryptocurrency Investments: A red flag is when the so-called recruiter pushes you to invest in cryptocurrency, promising commissions upon task completion. This is a strategy they use to extract money from their targets.
 Example of Yodel Mobile Recruitment Scam: User Login
 Example of Yodel Mobile Recruitment Scam: Work Bench

We are ongoingly reporting these fraudulent activities to the appropriate authorities, and we strongly encourage you to do the same.

If you encounter any individuals or websites falsely representing Yodel Mobile, especially those using suspicious domains, please bring them to our attention immediately and we can ensure to report these also.

To those who have unfortunately been affected by this scam, we extend our deepest apologies. We are working hard to fight against fraud to protect others from falling victim.

Smokehouse Yard, 44-46, St John Street, London, EC1M 4DF 🇬🇧

Smokehouse Yard, 44-46, St John Street, London, EC1M 4DF 🇬🇧