App Launch in 2024: The Essential Guide

App Launch 2024

App launch – it’s no easy feat. Current market statistics show that 1,609 apps are launched daily in the Google Play Store and in February 2024 alone, approximately 37,000 apps were released in Apple’s App Store. In 2024, where the app market is more competitive than ever, it’s more useful than not, to have inside knowledge on each stage of app launch. Using a trialled and tested app launch strategy is imperative to the success of your app in the ever-growing app market.

App Launch 2024

App Launch Phases: What You’ll Find in the Guide

In this guide, we have collated core insights around each fundamental stage of your launch, including expert insights from AppTweak, Purchasely, AppFollow and AppsFlyer.

The Pre-Launch Stage

In the pre-launch stage, (before your app is launched), it is important to understand the industry you’ll be going into and the competitors in that space. Pay attention to their App Store Optimisation, (ASO), efforts. What does their mobile creative look like? What kinds of keywords are they using? Are they running in-app events? All things to consider when deciding how to position yourself before launch. When you are ready to submit your app to the app stores, ensure your app is compliant with Apple and/or Google’s rules. There are several varying factors to consider when launching an app; they will vary dependent on the content of your app.

The Launch Stage

The next stage is the launch phase. Most apps will have to go through a soft launch before their official unveiling. This is where developers are enabled to allow access to the app for a limited number of users, to see how it performs in the real world. In the soft launch stage, you’ll be able to observe your app’s performance in terms of user experience, (UX), onboarding, registrations and more. Between ads, in-app purchases, premium and freemium models or subscriptions, this is a great stage to trial your monetization strategy. It can often help to see how your competitors monetise their apps.

The Post-Launch Stage

Finally, after your app is officially launched, you’re in the post-launch stage. At this stage you’ll want to pay attention to how users are responding to your app. You’ll want to focus on user feedback and retention. Reviews act as an independent endorsement of the quality of your app – social proof. Also, both Apple and Google favour apps with higher ratings, so you’ll want as many positive reviews as possible. You’ll also want to understand the behaviours of your most engaged users; how they discovered your app, how they use your app and how you can optimise for this journey.

Read the full report for expert inside knowledge you can use to launch your app in 2024.

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