If you have been one of the lucky people to have met either myself or Mick over the past 12 months you will no doubt be in possession of one of our very nice business cards. If you were to then to take a simple photo with your mobile phone camera of the reverse (orange side) of our business card & then send this photo (via MMS) to the shortcode 88900 you will in a very space of time receive a SMS message back to your phone that includes a WAP-link through to our mobile WAPsite!
This new technology is provided by mobile media sales company “Snapnow”. They are able to scan any 2D image & then use very advanced photo recognition software (developed by NASA scientists!!) to match up any stored image & automatically send back a predetermined message (such as a WAPlink or click-to call etc.) to the user.
We have been very excited about using this technology & i can honestly say it works extremely well! If you have one of our business cards give it a try now….
This type of mobile marketing is extremely versatile and many poster & press advertisers are already using the technology as we speak. It kind of supercedes the QR codes that never really took off in this country (due to phone users having to download 2 different QR reader programmes onto their handset). Give it a go and tell us what you think…