I guess it’s down to the fact that there are so few agencies ploughing the mobile advertising furrow that we are approached pretty much every week by journalists to express our view on the mobile marketplace. It’s nice to feel loved and I enjoy sharing our collective Yodel Mobile views on what’s happening in the market, probably because I’m quite happy to talk on for ages about the mobile opportunity until the poor person who has asked me the question loses their ears. I should perhaps learn to shut up. I’ve also learnt it’s important to get the facts right, not spend too much time on conjecture and don’t talk too much.  Whatever you say can end up it print and can come back and bite you at a later date.

There have been three articles published over the last ten days with some Yodel Mobile comment in them… thoughts on our thoughts?

Precision Marketing 11/08 – How to keep the tills ringing
ISM November 08 – feature: a handful of opportunity
NMA 13/11/08 – Location services

It’s a really good place to be at the moment, the market is so embryonic you can almost think about what you want the mobile space to do and at some point it will go there. However, I’m thinking of the pub right now…