The Yodel Mobile Team is Growing!

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2021 has been a big year for mobile. 

With venture capital investment in the mobile space skyrocketing by 27% (that’s an overwhelming $73 billion!) and the global app market expected to reach over $407 billion in the next 5 years, the mobile app space has become increasingly competitive.  

This has meant that the services of experienced mobile app marketing companies, such as Yodel Mobile, have become increasingly in demand. Yodel Mobile has been fortunate enough to both continue supporting our amazing existing clients and to enter into partnerships with some new and exciting clients! 

This has also meant that we’ve been able to grow the team over the last year (and are finally being able to reap the benefits of seeing some friendly new faces in the office 😄). 

Hear from some of our newest employees and find out about their time at Yodel Mobile so far:

Yodel Mobile creative leadSandip, Creative Lead

I’ve worked in digital media for over 10 years, at a number of agencies that create ad suites for clients. 99% of the time, a campaign runs, all the media budget is used, and as long as the engagements hit benchmarks, it’s considered a success. Fine. Job done, right?

Not for Yodel Mobile. We take it a step further. And this is what made me want to join them. Whilst most agencies have little to no consideration for the application of data once a campaign has finished, this isn’t good enough for YM. Here, we want to utilise data in a cycle of testing. We care about learnings and insights, and we act on them. Music to a client’s ears. I’ve always wanted to work at a place where data driven decision making is at the core of creative work. Yodel Mobile more than fulfils that for me.

Since joining, I have been working with a diverse range of clients and had the opportunity to use paid user acquisition to help them determine what kind of content and messaging has the strongest engagement.

I tried to think of my favourite moments so far, but every time we use our expertise to guide clients is hugely rewarding! (As well as spending a Friday afternoon go-karting with the team 😊).

Paid Growth ExecutiveAma, Paid Growth Executive

After working in a marketing role at a different company for a few months, I didn’t feel I was being particularly challenged or reaching my full potential. After seeing the job description for my current role at YM online I knew it was the role and company for me. The company has an impressive roster of clients and has won multiple awards, so I knew coming into my role here at YM that I would learn from the best in the business and produce great results for the clients I would work with.

At Yodel Mobile, I work with the Paid UA Specialist to launch and optimise Paid Social ads for a variety of clients. We run campaigns on several different platforms. I also regularly provide reports, insights and analysis to our clients so they can see how well their campaigns are performing.

Having started working at YM during lockdown, I love going into the office and absorbing the expertise of my YM colleagues. I also love the company’s regular socials and the foosball table in the office.

New Business ManagerKai, New Business Manager

I really wanted to move away from a very formulaic way of working where you stick to a few tasks and days become very repetitive. At Yodel Mobile, I felt like I’d get the opportunity to go and learn, drive new initiatives, and get loads of hands-on practical experience in a very interesting industry. Yodel Mobile felt very inclusive and very collaborative, with the ethos that everyone should work together towards the same goals. It’s been really enjoyable to get to work with multiple different teams and experts, getting to know how the business functions. I work on New Business efforts, handling all incoming enquiries and making sure prospective clients are introduced to Yodel Mobiles’ unique (and award winning!) way of working.

I’ve really enjoyed seeing the progression of clients from initial enquiry through to contract and working partnership – and it was nice to know I played a part in that process so early on in my career at Yodel Mobile. I’ve also really enjoyed the help, insight and training I’ve received from everyone on the team. Lastly, I really enjoy the social aspect of working here, especially beating most of the team at Go-Karting!

Yodel Mobile Growth ExecutiveVeronica, Growth Executive

One of the elements that appealed to me most about Yodel Mobile was the diversity of its clients from mental health apps to financial coaching. Getting to interact with such a lovely range of clients makes my role dynamic and interesting. 

So far, I’ve been working on a range of projects including compiling research documents; creating growth reports to review our clients progress; and presenting ASO recommendations. It’s a pleasure working on projects that directly impact our client’s growth. In particular, I have found working with Health and Wellbeing clients extremely rewarding as it has a positive impact on society.  

One of the best parts of working at Yodel Mobile is the team. It’s great to work alongside such a positive and outgoing group – one of my favourite moments was our trip to Thorpe Park 😊.  

Growth ExecutiveHannah, Growth Executive

From the get-go, Yodel felt like an innovative company, welcoming new starters and looking to nurture their career and personal development. I immediately felt at ease with the team during my first few weeks, despite starting my position remotely during the pandemic.

During my time at Yodel, the tasks I have been working on have ranged from ASO focused projects to data analysis and in-app activity reports. It’s been interesting to assess these types of work across different apps, but also at different stages during an app’s development.

As well as the Thorpe Park and Go-Karting socials, I’ve really enjoyed working on the mental health and wellbeing-based apps, plus getting more involved in their launch and growth strategy plans.

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Smokehouse Yard, 44-46, St John Street, London, EC1M 4DF 🇬🇧

Smokehouse Yard, 44-46, St John Street, London, EC1M 4DF 🇬🇧