Working on my first strategy for a pitch has got me thinking, why do agencies always use the already tried and tested network and carrier approach, using ad banners on popular sites to the particular target audience when we should as advertisers on the most personal and unique media available, use the most innovative tools we can.

As mobile is a new media, it is hard to get a client to share more of their marketing budget on media they fear won’t bring them a strong return on investment, but we here at Yodel are looking to use more innovative methods to gain our brands a stronger awareness and want them to become mobile market leaders in their respective industries.

Our campaigns have already led us to success at the 2010 global mobile merit awards for our video mobile campaign for jobsite using the already successful and well received television adverts and clipping them into 15 second ad’s that are relevant to the users that viewed them, increasing the traffic to their mobile site over 400%.

It can be easy for brands to stick with global media agencies that because of their success within other media make you believe that your money is safe with them, but in actual fact, may know little about successfully getting your brand out there for mobile users to interact with.

If your brand is looking for a remembered, innovative and above all, successful mobile campaign, then take a look at Yodel. Pop in for a chat, and you’ll see from our passion and expertise that we may well be the right agency for you.