One of the strengths of integrating mobile into a campaign is that is it an extremely accountable media. Currently, users of the mobile internet and other forms of communication are happy to share their experiences and thoughts with brands, and this can provide a full suit of impact, click, awareness and usage data.

Ensuring your brand has the right learning’s is essential for further activity and success.

Usage of Apps and Mobile sites can be monitored, including page click through, site visits and actions undertaken through the use of built in 3rd party coding at the development stage of production. Technology companies such as Apple are keen on reducing the use of 3rd party tracking, and this could have a huge impact on the industry and cause a backlash from agencies.

All mobile activity can and should be evaluated, campaign delivery is the first factor to evaluate, and third party serving should negate the need to add an extra layer of tracking.

Quantitive research will allow for a clearer understanding of who is doing what within mobile, whereas semi-qualitative research can allow for creative and emotive findings in the mobile space.

Measurement and evaluation are vital components for a mobile campaign, as the media is so new, brands and agencies are learning all the time and a campaign without any measurement could miss out on a gem of information that could see following campaigns fail.

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