In late November, it was reported on the Yodel blog, that our beloved company goldfish Tallulah sadly passed away. Wanting to uplift the yodel sprit and ensure Sushi (the remaining goldfish) wasn’t lonely for too long, Mike and I paid a visit to the fish and reptile shop and left with two new little fishies in plastic bags.

After making it back to the office after the (some might say dangerous) walk down Camden High Street, Leeroi (new yodeller no.1) and Nemo (new yodeller no.2) seem to have settled in nicely to their new home, although Leeroi appears to be living up to his/her (it’s difficult to differentiate male and female goldfish) name and is definitely the bad boy/girl of the tank, chasing poor Sushi and Nemo on their every move.

Although Tallulah will never be forgotten and will never be replaced by Leeroi and Nemo, the yodel cheer is back up and we now only remember the happy times spent with Tallulah over the years and are looking forward to many more momentous moments now Leeroi and Nemo (and lets not forget Sushi) are in our yodel lives.

R.I.P Tallulah in fishy heaven.