It is coming up to my favourite time of the year (excluding Christmas, my birthday, Summer, Easter and Halloween), the time when my network operator begins to call me every single day to inform me that my contract will soon expire and notify me of their latest exclusive deals. So before I answer my phone to them, become flustered over the vast selection of handsets on offer and have figures fired down the line at me, I have decided to browse the latest handsets at my own pace. This way I will be able to make a well informed decision, instead of being backed into a corner and distracted by a beautiful shiny new phone that offers none of the functionalities that I am actually interested in. Sensible, right?

Thankfully the lovely people at Broadband Genie – – realise that there are indecisive individuals like myself in existence and have dedicated part of their site to comparing the cheapest mobile internet deals for smartphones, including exclusive online offers. Simples.

Some might think I put too much thought into the decision but as the old saying goes – a phone is for life and not just for Christmas!