Here’s Part 2 of our series of mini-blogs, following on from Part 1: App Discoverability.


We’ve found that app developers sometimes focus solely on the functionality and user interface of an app during development. The problem is that sometimes, no matter how pleasant or novel the app is to use at first, the user may not immediately see the value that the app can bring to them and therefore they might not find a real reason to return to the app in future. You should never underestimate the short attention spans of new users – one confusing or bad run in the app is enough to discourage them from ever coming back.

In the name of getting the app launched quickly, we’ve seen simple mistakes such as the absence of an onboarding journey or even apps which have been released with dummy copy written by developers that doesn’t make sense to the user. It all adds up. There are so many things we can implement from a marketing standpoint, to increase retention and minimise pain points, that developers may not consider a priority. Even the implementation of systems that will help to increase organic discoverability are put to the back of the priority list.

The product itself is not the only element to be considered – how and why the user was prompted to download the app at all needs to be considered throughout the app lifecycle, as user expectations need to be constantly be met and exceeded.


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