Yodel Mobile’s research into app store optimisation extends to the retail sector, and highlights missed opportunities when it comes to brands getting their apps noticed and downloaded.

London, 2 July 2014 – Integrated mobile marketing agency Yodel Mobile has announced the results of its app store optimisation (ASO) analysis in the retail sector. The research points to opportunities for brands within the sector to do better with their ASO, as several big brands on both sides of the Atlantic have simple chances to improve on the basics.

Yodel’s research analysed the use of Apple App Store keywords in the app build. Developers get a 20-word allowance to fill in as search terms, and the research looked into three criteria for brands in both the US and the UK: capacity (how many of the 20 available keywords were used?); effectiveness (how successful were each of the brands at connecting the app with effective keywords?); and relevance (how many keywords were mis-spelt or irrelevant?).

In the UK, Yodel’s sample of 16 big name retailers (including the likes of Debenhams, Waitrose, Zara and H&M) fared badly in terms of capacity. Overall, the sample filled in just 23% of its collective allowance, with five out of the 16 brands not filling in any keywords at all.

The US fared better in terms of capacity. Yodel’s sample of 10 brands (including Walmart, Costco, and Target) used 59% of its collective total capacity, with all brands filling in at least three keywords.

However, in terms of keyword effectiveness, the UK brands’ appear to be more savvy than their American counterparts. 64 per cent of the US sample’s keywords were either mis-spelt or irrelevant, while the UK sample put its keywords to better use – with 79 per cent of keywords being classed as effective in helping customers find the app.

One US brand, which inputted just three keywords, used the word ‘in’ as a search term – clearly a waste in terms of ASO. Spelling mistakes also represent a missed ASO opportunity, and brands on both sides of the Atlantic can improve in this area. A UK furniture store, for example, mis-spelt the word ‘room’.

Yodel Mobile’s CEO Mick Rigby said: “Making sure your app offers some kind of utility or benefit to reward the download and repeat usage is essential. But your app development must be backed up by strategic ASO. Using the right keywords offer a quick, easy win to help get your app found in a crowded marketplace, so app owners should really maximise these 20 words with relevant, accurate search terms.

“App store optimisation is essentially doing what you can to give consumers the best possible chance of finding your app on their app store. Appearing in search listings drives downloads, so it’s crucial you get it right.”

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