GlastonburyYou know that festival season is well and truly here when you wake up to talk on the Radio about what the weather gods are going to be doing over Glastonbury for the next few days. The summer is ahead of us and every weekend from now until the end of September there is at least one major festival and a handful of boutique or music specific ones.
The office is going to be quiet for the next couple of days as half the team have headed out to Glasto. Prior to this there has been much discussion over what the essential apps should be for this summer’s music and mayhem outdoor extravaganzas.
These are our  final shortlisted app recommendations for the festival season this year :
You’ve got to start with  official apps for the event and most of the bigger ones have them now to share running order, news, lineup changes and general tips and advice the Glastonbury IOS app built by their official phone partner EE is a decent one and also on Android.
Losing your mates is a nightmare at festivals and you could be separated for hours unless you’ve downloaded and set up Find-my-friends on your iphone and had all your friends do the same.
With a skin full of cider and a kaleidoscope of colourful tents rolling off into the distance, not being able to find your own tent in the middle of the night means  no sleep under a tree near the main stage ( been there done that). Unless you’ve prepared and downloaded tentfinder app on iOS .
If you are on Android and you want to be old school and look for your tenet yourself then a torch app is essential. Flashlight on android claims to be the brightest phone torch ever.
With tonnes of bands you’ve never heard before you’ll hear something that will blow your socks off . Shazam on IOS and Android will let you tag the tunes for download later.
Organizing a load of you to get to the right place at the right time is like hearding cats. The What’s App on Android and IOS allows you to message and group message for free.
If you really want to know what’s going on in other parts of the festival in real time then the Twitter App is essential on IOS and Android. #Glastonbury or # whatever festival you are at will be your new best friend for the duration of your stay.
And finally on the app front, if you are running all these apps you’ll need to manage your battery life or your mobile phone experience at the Festival is going to be pretty short lived. Battery HD on Android is a great way of squeezing out every ounce of juice in your phone.  You’ll also need to make sure you shut down all the other non essential apps and push messaging for the duration as well as keeping the screen brightness down to a minimum.
One final piece of advice on security is for you to make sure that if your phone is lost you can find it again by setting up FindiPhone and making sure you you check out a previous Yodel Mobile blog on phone security 
Or alternatively you can do what one of our guys at Yodel Mobile has done – he has left his iPhone at home and spent a few quid on a basic legacy phone with a PAYG SIM card for SMS and Calls.  It’s taken out the worry of it being dropped down the toilet or watching  it sink to the bottom of a muddy puddle.
Happy Festival season!
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