vod+too+youngThis Friday it’s Pre Christmas drinks with a few of my old collage mates, we do it every year, and every year we debate where should we go that’s not too busy where we can have a decent chat. Is there an app for that?
I downloaded the AA good pub guide and was very disappointed it was a list app and they look to have simply lifted the info and chucked it into the phone. The search tool was appalling and when I typed in London I could search London Gatwick, Heathrow or city airports but couldn’t drill down to  Marylebone or Baker Street.
I resorted to the Google search app. PPC ads at the top that I skipped passed, checked out the map view with locations and skipped past that and went for the first natural search www.fancyapint.com. Couldn’t open it on my mobile though as my service provider, Vodafone, informed me that it had age restricted content and I needed to speak to them to remove my restrictions to access the site.  Back to the drawing board, and a couple more sites that I couldn’t access due to age restrictions. They don’t make it easy. Frustration ensued and I’m going to resort to the desktop when I get into the office. Not happy.
There is still clearly a discontent between the mobile web and apps when searching. For my immediate requirements It would be great if there was a natural integration of apps into the search so the results would direct you to the app store/ the HTML5 app or the mobile web site. It’s still a little clunky and although Google are delivering a rich and broad reaching search experience on mobile the rest of the infrastructure is letting it down. Maybe Siri would have delivered a better experience but then again it would have probly stumbled at the last hurdle thanks to the pesky phone operators.