Social media goes hand in hand with mobile – without it, Twitter could never have evolved into a 24/7 obsession. Mobile enables consumers to share and connect pretty much wherever they are, and this “always on” connection means social media apps such as Twitter present brands with a huge opportunity when it comes to mobile advertising.

Mobile social advertising allows brands to engage with their customers throughout the day – when they wake up, while they commute, at work, or just before they go to sleep. There is an opportunity to deliver highly targeted multiple messages at scale, to an audience that just won’t put their phones down.

According to the BBC, the number of active users on Twitter reached 255 million in the first three months of 2014, up 5.8 per cent on the previous quarter. And Twitter’s chief executive Dick Costolo told the Beeb that the integration of advertising management software MoPub had helped Twitter “reach more than 1bn iOS and Android users each month”.

That’s enough to make any marketer sit up and take notice. So, here are our three top tips for getting Twitter campaigns right.

1: Use Promoted Accounts

A Promoted Account is a Twitter ad unit that invites users to follow your brand. Twitter targets users based on factors such as interests, location, gender, @handles, device types and audience segments.

Brand followers are typically 47 per cent more likely to visit the brand’s website and 35 per cent more likely to convert, so it’s a clear win if you can persuade people to follow your brand. And with a cost-per-follow buying model, it’s a cost-effective way of quickly extending your reach.

2: Get chatting to users with Promoted Tweets

Promoted Tweets are just like regular Tweets, but with the added bonus of reaching both current followers and targeted potential followers. A Promoted Tweets will typically appear in the user’s timeline and search results.

Great for promoting a specific product or campaign, or for driving app downloads, Promoted Tweets enable marketers to reach an audience at the right moment and in the right context.

Typical promoted tweets have a 1-3% engagement rate and are 25-35 per cent more effective in driving performance compared to standard display advertising.

3: Get retargeting

Twitter launched its retargeting offering in December. Known as Tailored Audiences, it’s a powerful tool for engaging with leads.

Retargeting on Twitter lets you target a person who has already expressed interest in your brand – and it can do it across devices. So, if a user visits your website on a laptop, a Promoted Tweet can be retargeted to the user’s Twitter timeline which can also be viewed on mobile.

Good CRM can come into play here, too – you can use your own email lists to define an audience. Twitter’s retargeting technology can match email addresses to Twitter accounts, letting the marketer target that audience with tweets.

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