Facebook has arrived as an ad platform, and Mr Zuckerberg’s social network offers real opportunities for app install campaigns. Facebook now has over a billion monthly users on mobile, and with increased competition in the app download space, it’s therefore a great network to help advertisers extend reach.

Facebook is becoming very competitive as more advertisers are turning to the social network to help drive mobile acquisitions. That said, there is still plenty of volume for advertisers to use to drive additional installs.

One of Facebook’s greatest features is the level of granular targeting options it offers – such as custom audience segments and lookalike audiences.

From our experience, games and travel apps perform best, but we do believe Facebook can drive downloads for almost all kinds of apps. However, we find that free apps garner better results than paid apps.

Typical CPI results we are seeing across our advertisers is two times better than what we are currently getting from our most competitive performance networks, and in some cases on-par with some incentivised networks. Typical CPIs we are seeing across some of our core markets (such as Italy, France, Germany and the UK) are under £2. We also see iOS users driving overall cheaper installs than Android users.

Clearly, Facebook offers huge opportunities for brands and developers to drive downloads. Here are our three golden rules for running an app install campaign on the network.

1. Segment your ads

This plays a significant role in delivering an effective CPI on your Facebook app campaigns. Facebook’s platform allows you to easily duplicate the ads you are running and create new ad sets. It is best to break sets out into three key areas: geotargeting; age group; and operating system.

Breaking out ad sets in this way allows you to control your budget and your bids per ad set, so you can up-weight and down-weight investment based on their performance. This will help you deliver better overall results for your campaign.

2. Check your images

With Facebook’s app engagement ads, only 20% of your ad creative can consist of text. If your image contains more than 20% text they won’t be approved for use. Facebook measures text in images using a grid system that divides the image into 25 tiles – only five of these tiles can contain text.

The reason Facebook has these strict guidelines is that it says too much text makes an ad look like spam. So, it’s essential you make sure the headline and body of your ad conveys your message in a concise way. Facebook offers a text overlay tool that you can use to test your images before you upload them.

3. Have a clear call to action

Your ad must have a clear call to action – a simple ‘click to install app’ or ‘install app now’ can make all the difference in increasing your install conversion rate.

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