Android is the Google developed mobile phone operating system that currently runs 12.1% of the phones in the UK ( conmscore) and 25% of total phones globally ( The Guardian). Considering that the first Android phone (the T-Mobile G1), launched 22nd October 2008, this is an incredible and rapid growth.

The speed of take up of Android appears to be faster than that of the Apple phone and operating systems. Despite being younger than Apple iphone it now holds a larger share of the phone market in the US than Apple does. We expect that they it will overtake Apple in the UK in the not too distant future.

Android is currently outselling all other phone manufacturers except Nokia worldwide and the growth in the past year is over 1,000%.

The growth is down to three things. Firstly, Android is “open source”, consequently any developer can develop for the operating system. It is owned, supported and promoted by Google, the biggest brand in the world (Millward Brown). It doesn’t only run on a single developers handset, there are currently around 85 different android phone available, and the prices make them affordable for most people.

Android is supported by the “Open Handset Alliance” which includes companies such as Motorola, HTC, Samsung and T-mobile).

There are currently 200,000 Android applications available through the android store ( Android App statistics) up from 70,000 in July 2010.

We belive that Android will be the most dominant mass market mobile phone opporating sytsem globally within the next three years.