500923150_254555f623_o[1]Today was a momentous day; our website finally went live and Tallulah, our company goldfish, passed away to swim the tides of the afterlife. You can imagine how sombre the mood is around the table in yodel towers and it’s difficult to reconcile the fact that the website now no longer states “under construction” and one of the longest serving members of staff will no longer be swimming around the tank in board meetings.

We decided to make sure she had a proper good bye and checked what the protocol for a fish’s transition to the Elysian Fields is and according to https://www.saltwaterfish.com/ 36% of burials are “in the trash” and 27% are “leave the fish in the tank”. We have ensured that Tallulah had a respectful departure. When the mood brightens we’ll be back with more relevant blogging.