Yodel+Mobile+Christmas+Blog+Images+(3)Here are Yodel Mobile’s twelve apps of Christmas, to get you happily through this festive season, allowing you more time for mulled wine and mince pies. We’ll take you through Christmas from finding the perfect gifts, right up to the big day itself…
First come the presents, often the most daunting Christmas task. But there are a lot of apps out there which can help bring calm into the stressful high street… 
1.    The Christmas List – This app for £0.69 helps organise your Christmas shopping by integrating with your address book, using sortable categories and tracking your budget (brilliant!). Then you’ll be organised and have more productive shopping!
2.    Amazon – Amazon’s app has everything you want, handily on your phone. Browse and shop from the comfort of your sofa, so you don’t have to battle the busy high street.
3.  Social Wishlist: Christmas EditionYou want to give great presents, but you also want to receive great presents too. This free app allows you to make your own Christmas wish list and send/share it to all your friends.
Perfect gifts, check. Whether you’re storing the gifts under the tree or posting them far away, your mobile phone can still help you out…
4.    iFinger –This free app calculates the dimensions of wrapping paper you’ll need for the size of box you’re wrapping. It then takes you step by step for the perfect Christmas wrapping results. (There’s no excuse for poor wrapping now!)
5.    Cards – Sending lots of Christmas cards can start to feel like an impersonal production line if you’re not careful. This free app allows you to make really personalised Christmas cards, using photos on your phone and your own text. For £2.99 you can have the card printed and sent out for you!
6.    Christmas Tree MakerThis free app lets you choose a Christmas tree and try out all your decorations and style designs, before putting your presents beneath it. It’s a great way to get creative without the hassle of pine needles.
I would say that’s the hard bit over. Now everyone else is catered for you and your tree is up and decorated you can relax a bit. Start getting in the festive spirit with apps like these…
7.    Sleeps to Christmas – Everyone needs a Christmas Countdown! This app is free and counts the number of sleeps until Christmas (and hours, minutes and seconds!)… It has Christmas alarms so you can feel festive the minute you wake up!
8.    Santa TrackerThis app tracks the location of Santa with maps and satellite views. You can also read Santa’s blog and send him a Christmas letter. Great for the kids or for those naughty people who want to put in a last minute plea!
9.    Christmas RadioThis free app lets you chose Christmas music from 50 different Christmas stations so you can listen to new Christmas hits and old time classics.
So now you’re feeling festive and Christmasy and the big day is fast approaching. But there are still a few things to sort, like dinner and entertainment. Whether it’s a small, intimate Christmas or a big family affair, here are three apps that we think will help…
10.  The Perfect Christmas DinnerThis free app has expert guidance from professional chefs tutors at Ashburton Cookery School, one of the UK’s leading culinary schools. It has over 25 video recipes you can follow and a shopping list maker and menu list to keep you on track with ingredients too.
11.  Santa’s Christmas VillageThis £1.49 app has plenty of Christmas themed games to play after dinner, word games, memory games and lots of fun things to get through a lazy, Christmas afternoon.
12.  TV GuideLastly, make sure this app is firmly installed on your mobile. It’ll be invaluable for making sure you don’t miss any of that great Christmas TV, and ensure you all fall asleep in front of the perfect Christmas film.
Use the twelve apps of Christmas and you’ll be set for the perfect festive season – Merry Christmas from Yodel Mobile!