Here at Yodel Digital we have just delivered the largest mobile video campaign EVER for our client Jobsite.
I take great pleasure in being able to announce this great accomplishment and I think that the Yodel team deserve a pat on the back because they can now officially refer to themselves as the pioneers of the mobile video.

Mobile videos are a great advertising tool when correctly targeted, as they offer a more informative and personal message than many of the other methods. They provide great opportunities for advertisers to create high impact and poignant advertising while leveraging the targeting that mobile inherently provides.
They are an easy addition to a larger campaign; companies that have already invested thousands of pounds in creating film will find it hard to overlook the extra couple of hundred pound fee to transfer the advert to the small (smaller) screen.

This is why over the next few years it is expected that the demand for mobile video campaigns will greatly increase and the campaigns will become more and more complex and creative.

Take for example BMW who launched the first personalised video campaign in China at the end of last year. Over the period of 4 days (Dec 21st-24th) the targeted messages addressed individual customers with a holiday greeting that was uniquely tailored to the recipient’s specific personality. Touch in Clip China provided the technology for the campaign and supplied the platform for the campaign to send MMS.
The initial response to the campaign was positive and generated more test drives in a three day period than at any other in the previous year.

This is just one example (besides our own) of the triumphs of video campaigns and it underlines the new direction that mobile advertising is soon to take. I think it is fair to say that judging by our recent Jobsite campaign; we are well equipped to lead this trend.