After attending a very insightful and rewarding IAB led course on mobile marketing, it is clear to see their passion and excitement for a media that is vastly growing in 2010 and beyond. Figures show that 2009 recorded the biggest decline in advertising spend since records began, yet mobile advertising increased by over 30%. This is a very exciting figure for the us and the industry as a whole, as it shows that this is the industry to be in, this year, 4th screen feel that the first 2 quarters indicate that the spend this year will increase by as much as 50%, again another huge increase.

These stats show just how strong the mobile market is at the moment, and they are encouraging as they show that brands are really starting to look at mobile as a viable platform for marketing their products and services to their consumers.

Figures like these are now allowing us to justify to our clients just how popular mobile marketing is and if they don’t start to integrate this growing media into their 360 campaign, they might miss out on communicating with certain sets of consumers that they can miss with their current campaigns, but it is not just the younger demographics that are downloading apps, using search or listening to music on their phones, figures from the IAB now show that every demographic age group are using their phone’s features more and more.

If a client ignores mobile now, it may be to their peril as their competitors may get there first and no doubt unlock the wonderful engagement levels that mobile can offer them. The added value of a mobile campaign cannot only add some really valuable insight into their consumers but add a great amount of ROI to an overall campaign.