Managing-expectationsThere is no single solution, golden bullet or button you can press to ensure your mobile app discovery strategy is going to be a success. It doesn’t matter what the sector is or what your service offering will be,  you need a bespoke, well thought through and tightly managed strategy.
There are a whole heap of activities and process you need to be looking at implementing, but some of the most important areas you must focus on aren’t out of the mobile planning rule book but the bible of common sense.
One of my guiding principles is always to manage expectations and it is right out of the good book of common sense. There is an oft held misconception that in the world of the application “if you build it they will come”.  Well, with over 1.7Million apps across IOS and Android in the various app stores at the time of writing, you have to consider how the ecky thump the right people you want to get to download and use your APP are going to find it.  Perseverance, that’s how.  You need to test stuff, track stuff, try lots of different things, and importantly buy the time and space to do this.
So coming back to the point about managing expectations. If you are ensuring that you, your boss, your client and your financiers all understand that there isn’t a golden bullet and its going to take a lot of hard work to succeed then you are half way to achieving the success that you are aiming for.  I’ve seen many a potentially successful marketing campaign falter then fail because the rug has been pulled from underneath it too early.
Don’t promise the earth immediately but put your best diplomatic hard hat on, work dammed hard and the chances of success are going to be far more likely.
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