Merry+Christmas+from+Yodel+MobileMobile has revolutionised industry around the world – and that’s especially true of Lapland’s relentlessly-innovative Christmas sector.
We surveyed Lapland’s oddly small and squeaky-voiced workforce, along with their talismanic and food loving CEO Mr Father “Santa Claus” Christmas, to find out exactly what effect mobile is having on the business.
The research reveals that while Android is the dominant OS among the Elvine workforce, the “little critters” (Santa’s words, not ours) still hold a candle for the BlackBerry OS.
Senior elf William Phareal says: “BlackBerry affords us a secure, private way to communicate among the Elf workforce. We are cheerful workers in our little green suits and adorable pointy hats, but in December we work 16-hour shifts with only a 10-minute cigarette break. The mobile internet has opened our eyes to employment law – and BBM will allow us to mobilise our movement, going forward.”
Phareal continues: “Santa, of course, has two phones – it’s one area in which he consumes more than he needs. The other is sherry.”
But could Santa’s fondness for the bottle be tempered by his apparent enthusiasm for health and fitness apps? It is unclear at this stage whether he has counted the calorific implication of nibbling a mince pie and downing a shot of sherry at each of the 26million households in the UK on Christmas night.
“The Elvine workforce drives me to the bottle,” says Santa. “They’re very hot on social media – always tweeting about their perfectly decent working conditions. They shouldn’t need cigarette breaks anyway, it’s an elf risk!
“They’re also all on linkedIn. Which seems odd to me – as far as I can see they’re all pretty much identical.”
See below for the full infographic. And have a great Christmas!
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