9.544 Million mobile phone users browsed the mobile internet for general information or News ( Mmetrics Feb 2010) this is 19.9% of the total UK mobile phone user base or more than the total population of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland Combined!

The largest age group of mobile internet users is the 25- 34 year old group, closely followed by the 35-44 year olds. Interestingly enough though, the 55+ age group account for nearly 1.2 million mobile internet users.

O2 accounts for the largest operator base of users whilst Vodafone and Orange make up the second and third positions.

Despite being a sizable medium space our view is that the mobile internet is still pretty much in the early stages of growth – which of course bodes well for the near future when the usage base reaches a critical mass – and the opportunity is going to be as big as most of the notable commentators are suggesting. Why do we think this? Well, the main growth is still coming from the early adopters, style leaders ( i-phone and high end smart phone usage) and early mass. We belive this is backed up Recent Continental research suggests that “those interested in technology – the Geeks – constitute 25% of mobile users and, and of these 28% use the mobile internet. Those individuals stating that they are not interested in technology make up 75% of mobile users, of these only 6% currently use the mobile internet”.

Forrester published its “European Mobile Forecast: 2008 – 2013” in March. The top line statistic being that 38% of European mobile phone users will be using the mobile internet regularly by 2013. In total, 125million mobile phone users will be using the mobile internet regularly, the Key driver being the use of and access to 3.5G networks, which, by 2010 will have overtaken the number of GPRS and GSM-only phones by 2010. The UK is, by far, the most active in embracing the new phone technology quicker than other western European countries. The countries with the fastest growth in europe will be the UK, Austria, Italy and those mobile phone loving countries in the Nordics with 60% of users having 3G or 3.5G by 2010.

According to published Nielson research late last year, a number of the biggest mobile sites (BBC Weather, Gmail and Sky Sport) were taking a far greater reach of mobile internet users than their PC based equivalent. This suggests that the “instant info” requirement of the established mobile internet user manifesting in the need for immediate facts and fast changing information such as sports is becoming very important to them outside of the fixed Internet environment. The businesses and media providers that are learned enough to adapt their online information to be relevant to the mobile internet generation will be the winners by 2013