IMG_0003This is a first.

I’m blogging about a campaign that we have undertaken for a brand. I always try to steer away from talking about our brands and clients but with the Economist I just can’t help myself.

I have had a relationship with The Economist since my early years as a student. For over twenty years the Economist has kept me abrest of what’s going on in the world where decisions are made that affect our prosperity, or health, or environment and the future for our children. Without my occasional dip into its pages I’d know a lot less than I do now, and despite the fact that I was never a regular reader I’d pick up a copy at a train station or at the local news agent when the headlines in that day’s paper were the usual litany of disappointment or sleaze.

One Sunday a month or so ago I received an email from the marketer involved in the launch of the ipad and iPhone Economist magazine, she wanted a conference call at 08:30 the next day, they were looking for a mobile agency to help hit their targets of being no1 in the ipad chart and in the top 10 of the iphone charts in the UK and a number of other countries including Japan, France, USA and Australia.

We had to provide a full proposal by lunchtime on the same day. We duly obliged, and a few days later the mobile launch proposal was approved and we got to work helping the launch be a success.

It does help when you have a great product and The Economist Apps are fab. The campaign has been a real success and although I can’t share the figures there have been hundreds of thousands of downloads since the launch a week or so ago.

Working with the team there I can see why the publication is a massive success. They are thorough, hard working and get the best out of those around them. It’s been a real pleasure working on this project and such a famous and influential brand

Check out the Apps yourself here: iphone , ipad and get yourself a taste of the future of publishing.