The+Breakfast+ClubThe Breakfast Club kicked off yesterday in Yodel Mobile’s Farringdon offices with the topic being how SMS can fit into your business in a credible way.   Mick gave a presentation detailing the mobile landscape and where SMS fits in, offering the pros and cons of using SMS along with case studies we called the Good, the Spam and the Ugly.  Even 20 years after SMS began life, its still the main reason why we check our phones (which we do on average 150 times a day, more on the Good is detailed in our recent A day in the life infographic which you can see here).  Showcasing our mobile work with Hastings Direct and London Wasps gave our audience an insight into how effective, direct and personal SMS can be.  Jon Duckworth from Eightyone600 spoke about the reasons why he used Yodel Mobile to run the Wasps campaigns and how he added SMS as a channel to existing email and direct mail activity to drive season ticket renewals and sales.    The campaign results have given a great return on investment for the Wasps and we hope to expand our work even further as we have done with Hastings Direct.  For those of you who missed out, we have uploaded the audio from our presentation here.
Watch this space for the launch of our new linked in group #mobilemarketingUK where we shall be announcing more details on the next Breakfast Club to be held on the 31st of July