At the start of London Mobile Games Week, Yodel Mobile hosted the Afternoon Club with a special interactive afternoon called Zero to Hero. Working with IBM, TapJoy, Kuato Studios, Dimoso, Bossa Studios, GamesGrabr, ndreams and UKIE, industry leading figures manned tables and engaged in top quality chatter with nearly 100 attendees. But if you weren’t able to make it or need a bit of a reminder of what happened, we’ve written this handy write up for you so you can pick out some of the key highlights from the event.

Cloudant’s Large Hadron Collider Origins to help indie developers

There aren’t many tech companies in the world that have been founded off the back of work at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider, but Cloudant was. Recently purchased by IBM, they outlined their interesting scalable service that could feasibly save developers money. By allowing developers to quickly add nodes to their systems, rather than vertically stacking layer upon layer of integration, Cloudant offers developers an easily expandable platform on which to construct a successful mass-market game. And with developers not paying for the service until they’re using enough of the service to cross a $50 overhead cost, it’s cost efficient too.

GamesGrabr dish out crowd funding advice

GamesGrabr, the social games discovery platform, has benefitted from two successful crowdfunding campaigns on equity site CrowdCube. And their CEO Tony Pearce was happy to share some of their secrets of success with us. The big tip was to go all out on the social, PR and marketing effort to help a crowd funding effort to succeed. Without faith in the product your offering and plenty of noise, punters are unlikely to take their chance on your product. But on the other hand, if you do make enough noise and reach your funding target then you have a ready made audience of advocates to build future success upon.

Keep up the contracts, says Bossa Studios

They’ve made Surgeon Simulator a worldwide hit. They’ve helped publish Thomas Was Alone on mobile. And they’ve released a game about making bread into toast. But did you know that Bossa Studios first year without contract work was 2014? That’s what their CTO Sylvain Cornillon told us. Despite their super success in indie circles, it’s simply good business to keep up the contract work until a point where your own creative endeavours make enough cash for you to live off. Boring it may well seem, but when a smart and successful team tell you the importance of keeping up the client work then it’s probably worth thinking about.

Mobile VR has real potential

VR is awesome; that we can all agree. But will it ever be mainstream? And can it coax enough people to take a risk on its incredible, but unproven potential? According to Patrick O’Luanaigh of nDreams, it might and there will be one thing likely to drive it: mobile VR headsets. While Oculus Rift remains the big name, it is mobile device powered handsets such as Samsung’s Gear VR that arguably have a wider potential basis due to their ability to lock into a smartphone and work wirelessly.

And though only a handful of such headsets have been announced, if they’re able to support numerous handsets a piece then it could really help the consumer VR market take off.

Shun cheap opportunistic ad buys for long term ROI

Thinking of getting extra value from your user acquisition dollars and not sure where to turn? Before you head off to any old territory to try and expand your reach, it’s best to make sure that you’re making as much hay from your adverts in the first place.

That’s according to Tapjoy anyway. Warning us off low cost territories for the sake of low cost advertising, their advice was to focus on new formats where inventory still lacks (such as video) and the likes of re-engagement advertising to drive the most value.

Because although territories such as India are on the cusp of becoming big mobile marketing business, putting your eggs in a basket such as that without a return is a big risk to take.

Breaking into the education sector isn’t easy; but it is valued

Hearing the UK government has put Computing firmly into the curriculum and is encouraging technological literacy amongst kids is great news for pioneering companies such as Kuato Studios but there is a way to go. There just aren’t the teachers out there fully equipped to teach it yet. But never fear; there are solutions. By engaging with teachers on social media and working with schools on a more personal level, Kuato Studios have found a clever way to educate kids at the same time demystifying the technology to give teachers confidence to teach.

Three is the magic number for Yodel Mobile

And finally, to round off the day, Mick Rigby from Yodel Mobile channelled the spirit of the 1980s and De La Soul to teach us why three is the magic number in mobile marketing. Elevating engagement and retention above acquisition, Mick showed us how looking at user behaviour after three minutes, three days, three weeks and three months and planning around it is a sensible way to construct a long term mobile app strategy. Mixing the best bits of making an instant impact and planning solidly for the future, Mick showed us you can be Heroes in the mobile landscape for more than one day (sorry).

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