Our Afternoon Club event was a great chance to delve into the world of app engagement. With speakers from the likes of Avios, HasOffers – not to mention yours truly – it was a great chance to really learn from the experts on app marketing and app engagement.

One key message across all the presentations was the importance of going beyond the download in terms of measurement. I pointed out that while there are 41 apps on the average phone, 80 per cent of apps are used only once. It’s a sobering stat for marketers working hard to develop an app – which risk becoming an anonymous drop in the ocean when you consider that both Google Play and the Apple App Store have over a million apps available.

So what should your strategy be? Jean-Vincent Chardon, European Sales Manager for HasOffers, had some ideas for you. Today, app marketing is a big data world, he said, and the holy grail of app marketing is low cost of acquisition, coupled with high monetisation.

He said marketers should look beyond the cost per install, and look to cost per engagement – stressing the importance of lifetime value (LTV), average revenue per user (ARPU), and average revenue per paying user (ARPPU).

This new big data world means marketers must re-think how they look at KPIs. Downloads are great, but measures such as app opens, logins, content views, social engagements, and use of one of the app’s features are far more meaningful.

My presentation at the Afternoon Club really served to hammer home Jean-Vincent’s point – and to offer some practical steps that marketers can take when developing an app. When downloads represent just half the job, and re-engagement is what actually gets you results, you need strategies to make it happen.

I offered five tips to do just that.

1: Make your app useful

So, someone has found your app among the million on the app store. They’ve excitedly downloaded it. Your next job is to ensure they don’t just open it, get bored, and forget about it (or worse, delete it). If your app has a utility, they’re more likely to come back to it.

2: Keep updating your app

Tell your users about new features and bug fixes – it may get you another chance to impress or simply remind the user of the download.

3: Capture data in your app

Big data is marketing’s new watchword – in-app messaging, forms, and registrations are all ways to get closer to users.

4: Add mobile to all your marketing activity – and work it

Making mobile a central part of your mobile strategy makes sense in a market where consumers think mobile first.

5: PR your app

Add mobile to your PR strategy too – show people why they should use your app and how good it is.

Our Afternoon Club event really showed how apps have moved beyond a marketing frontier – there are now real opportunities and tried and tested strategies for getting results. Mobile app marketing can pay off – it’s vital you use the right tools to harness its power.

You can see the slides from Jean-Vincent Chardon’s presentation here.

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