Mobile SEO

In the report recently released by the IAB, Search accounts for 66% of the total money spent in mobile advertising, so it is an important technique to understand and implement. With an estimated two billion mobile phone users in the world, mobile search and search engine optimisation (MSEO) is quickly becoming a necessity in for brands looking to gain awareness in the mobile space. […]

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Facebook Places Vs Foursquare

If you use a location-based app or service such as Foursquare or Gowalla you are a part of the minority of online users. Four percent of online adults either by PC or on their phone use a service that allows their friends and family to know their location, but on any given day, it can be as little as 1 percent (Pew Research). So what are the catalysts for this new technology and will uptake grow? […]

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Why Evaluate?

One of the strengths of integrating mobile into a campaign is that is it an extremely accountable media. Currently, users of the mobile internet and other forms of communication are happy to share their experiences and thoughts with brands, and this can provide a full suit of impact, click, awareness and usage data. Ensuring your brand has the right learning’s is essential for further activity and success. […]

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Optimising for a successful campaign

‘Mobile advertising is all about the consumer’s relationship with technology, understanding the personal and innovative relationship is to understand mobile advertising.’ IAB 2010 Successful mobile marketing for us is determined by the our knowledge in the mobile media, to win new clients you always need to display your understandings from previous campaign mistakes, optimisation is a key factor for success, knowing how the little details affect the campaign means the client will get the best possible ROI. […]

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Geo Targeting Ads

We are very excited in the office this week, Monday is the start of the UK’s first geographically targeted mobile campaign, and we are at the centre of it all. […]

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Yodel Digital

Working on my first strategy for a pitch has got me thinking, why do agencies always use the already tried and tested network and carrier approach, using ad banners on popular sites to the particular target audience when we should as advertisers on the most personal and unique media available, use the most innovative tools we can. […]

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Yodel’s mobile campaign suitability process

Creating the perfect mobile marketing solution can be difficult, especially at a time where is hard to get clients to part with their cash in the contentious economical situation that we find ourselves in at the moment. […]

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I feel like “check-in” tonight

The latest issue of Wired U.K. tackles the “check-in” apps battle, showcasing Foursquare CEO Dennins Crowley on the cover, and a double page spread featuring Mr. Crowley and rival Gowalla CEO Josh Williams. […]

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iPhone 4G – This changes everything. Again.

As the UK’s first strategic planning and buying company for mobile media we know how important it is for our clients to know we understand not only how the market is developing but how the technology that allows us to communicate with our consumers is developing. […]

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