Mobile World Congress 2015 – Day 1

Zuckerberg’s unholy matrimony with the operators Mark Zuckerberg took centre stage on Day 1 of Mobile World Congress again – but this time, he seemed very keen to shift the focus away from Facebook and onto its partners. The Q&A chat (hosted by WIRED journalist Jessi Hempel) was focused around Zuckerberg’s initiative – which aims [...]

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Mobile and the NHS: Healthy choices

Can mHealth applications and wearable devices really save our creaking National Health Service? Far from championing mobile and mHealth as the saviour of the NHS, some of the papers recently painted a very bleak picture. It was enough to make you jumpy about going to the doctors, and a bit fearful of the day you next [...]

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Keeping it in the Family with video chat

Why yell up the stairs to summon your kids when dinner is ready? A simple video call will do the job just as well apparently. It seems British families are forging ahead with a new trend – according to research from Microsoft Advertising, one in three families communicate digitally while within the house. The study surveyed 1,500 families in the UK, and also found that the average British household has six internet-connected devices in use. […]

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A Day in the Life of your Mobile – Infographic


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Yodelmobile Launches App Discovery Campaign for Kobo – press release

Integrated app discovery campaign enables tailored advertising Mobile marketing agency Yodelmobile has announced the launch of a new app discovery campaign for Kobo, one of the largest e-reader businesses on the market. The app discovery campaign features banners and HTML5 advertising to drive smartphone, tablet and web users to download the Kobo app. The global app discovery campaign launches this week, and is tailored to separate markets dependent on requirements. […]

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We have always said that one of key factors required for the mobile phone internet usage to really take off is the penetration of smart phones. Smart phones are pretty much mini computers with phone functionality and are clever enough to be able to run email, applications and have a decent memory capacity. […]

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