Big gadget launches and Big Trust – Mobile World Congress 2014 Day 2

If Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote yesterday focused our attention on emerging markets and connecting the unconnected to the mobile web, today we took a look at the high-end again, as we took a tour of the show floor to gawp at the hot new devices on offer. The big gadget to check out was the Samsung [...]

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Second screen, dual screen, and the new TV advertising paradigm – Part 2

Bringing together the sharpest mobile minds from the likes of Shazam and ITV (not to mention a chap called Mick Rigby), our November Breakfast Club event focused on the second-screen phenomenon. And, judging by the results shared during the presentations, it’s a phenomenon that’s already showing the profound impact it can have on marketing and consumer engagement. […]

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Second screen, dual screen, and the new TV advertising paradigm – Part 1

Mobile is bringing about an exciting new frontier for TV, not least in the all-important sphere of advertising. That’s the message from our Breakfast Club briefing, which took place last week. For the event, we gathered some of the top thinkers (and, crucially at this nascent stage, the top doers) in second-screen and dual-screen strategy over a pastry and a coffee, to tell us what they’ve learnt about this phenomenon. […]

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November’s Breakfast Club with Shazam + ITV – Whose screen is it anyway?

 ***Confirmed attendees coming to November 28th’s Breakfast Club include VEVO, Dennis Publishing, Spotify, B&Q, Tui, Ticketmaster, WWF, Bauer Media,, Cancer Research UK, AOL Networks, Debenhams, Amazon, Guardian News and Media, Hearst Magazines, William Hill, News UK*** We hear a lot of talk about mobile as the ‘second screen’ in relation to entertainment these days. But does the term accurately describe what’s going on? […]

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The Breakfast Club, Publishing and Mobile Devices, September 12th 2013

     The Breakfast Club took place in the Salon room at the Zetter hotel on Thursday the 12th of September, a new and bigger location for the event. […]

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Don’t fail in mobile for your business…. set down in stone what the role will be!

Mobile success is more likely if you know what you are trying to achieve How do you make sure that your move into mobile is not going to be a flop and that your financial and time investment is well spent? Well there are a ton of things you need to consider but one of the most important, if not THE most important, is looking at what you are setting out to achieve. […]

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The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club kicked off yesterday in Yodel Mobile’s Farringdon offices with the topic being how SMS can fit into your business in a credible way.   Mick gave a presentation detailing the mobile landscape and where SMS fits in, offering the pros and cons of using SMS along with case studies we called the Good, the Spam and the Ugly.   […]

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Mick Rigby Yodel Mobile’s Brighton Superhero

Brighton seafront is a lovely place to take a stroll on a Sunday morning; a stroll to the sound of the seagulls and the waves crashing against the pebbly beach lends itself to being one of the best de-stress routines going. However last Sunday the early morning strollers were serenaded by the footfall of 2,000 superheros of all ages running to raise money for the schools for Africa charity passiton ( […]

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