evernote-logoI’m planning and buying Christmas this year on my Mobile Phones and iPad.

Ok, so it’s got off to a good start. As I was told in the first week of my first job as a junior trainee media executive (note not even a trainee executive ), “he who fails to plan, plans to fail” and decided to get some planning tools and gadgets in place to make the mobile journey to Christmas as comfy as a first class ride on a Virgin Pendolino. Rolling up my sleeves and hit the android store on my HTC and searched for planning ( 8252 results) too much of a head meld to work through that lot so went for productivity: just over the fold an app with 4.5 stars called Evernote jumped out at me and I downloaded it. It’s a note app but purports to sync all devices and laptops and it did just that. just the job.

I knocked out my Christmas list and the family’s to “to buy list” in no time on the iPad in the office, and then decided to tweak it on the tube home, but heavens, no 3g signal and no note. It was fine when I got off at the other end. hmmm, no planning on the tube for me.

I now have the Christmas list seamlessly synced to every device I’ve got. So nothing should go wrong now, should it? Well, Just to be sure I’ve made a note on my iphone’s reminders app that tomorrow I’ll start shopping.