It’s Halloween tomorrow: whether you are slathering yourself in fake blood or simply heading out on the town for a couple of drinks (that might make you look like the walking dead on Sunday), we hope you have a ton of scary fun! The mobile world, as usual, is jumping on the occasion. Here are our six Halloween apps that will help make you more ready for the day when the epidemic finally hits or the dead decide to rise.

The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land (Free + IAP)

If you like TV series The Walking Dead, you will love this app: it allows you to play the TV series as a game. Roleplay (RPG) yourself through the story, dodging death-by-zombie in battle situations, using team management and also weekly challenges to keep you entertained.

Deathless: The City’s Thirst (£2.33 – £2.49), iOS or Android

The Interactive Fiction genre is really taking off, and this 150k-word novel, written by award-winning author Max Gladstone, has all kinds of undead characters and activity going on! You can drive the story and enjoy playing a game, reading at the same time. The most literary of our Halloween apps.

Zombies, Run! (Free +IAP), iOS or Android

Run away from zombies, as if the end really is nigh. This app is innovative in its concept, combining a game and a fitness element that brings the story, written by a novelist, to life. Listen to the story, play the game and try to stay alive! Stay fit, while you’re at it! Who knew Halloween apps could be so useful?

The Hunting Part 1 (Free)

This is hailed as the world’s first interactive zombie movie app, using a short film shot from first-person point of view where you make decisions to see how you would fare in the zombie attack. It has lots of frights and keeps you on your toes! A great piece of interactive mobile creative.

Minecraft Pocket Edition (£4.99 + IAP), iOS and Android

Minecraft has 70 million sales across all platforms. Now, for Halloween they have skeletons, eerie Endermen – and of course lots of zombies! There is a Halloween Costumes skin pack, a 79p in-app purchase, to make your characters especially undead for the occasion.

Audio Defence: Zombie Arena (£1.49)

Move, swipe and tilt your way through the zombie arena. This is from the company who bought us the critically-acclaimed Papa Sangre audio-only games on iOS and Audio Defence used the same mobile technology. You play as a blind warrior caught up in Dr Bastard’s zombies – fight them off to stay alive!

We hope at least one of these Halloween apps makes your 31st October one to remember for the rest of your life.


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by Alice Moore

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