The success-driven app launch strategy

In the incredibly competitive mobile ecosystem, getting your mobile app strategy right is essential. Determining the ‘what, how and why’ of your business goals is foundational for your mobile app marketing.

App Growth Launch Blueprint

Yodel Mobile ensures that you align goals across the business and establish a clear and concise strategy. There are plenty of things that will help to inform your app launch campaign and, importantly, these will have a fundamental impact on your product, branding and marketing elements.

Our App Launch – Growth Blueprint ensures we take the necessary steps to drive your growth goals right from the start.

Business Alignment
Growth Framework
Growth Execution
App Success

We Are Your Extended Growth Team

With a forward-thinking team of mobile and app marketing experts, we provide high-quality recommendations, strategic advice and support for our clients, all the while remaining reactive to the ever-changing marketplace. We bridge our clients’ marketing, product and development teams and support implementation rather than just handing off strategies, to create an internal structure and workflow that is essential for long-term mobile marketing success.

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