Dual+Screening+Part+2Bringing together the sharpest mobile minds from the likes of Shazam and ITV (not to mention a chap called Mick Rigby), our November Breakfast Club event focused on the second-screen phenomenon. And, judging by the results shared during the presentations, it’s a phenomenon that’s already showing the profound impact it can have on marketing and consumer engagement.
ITV’s head of commercial innovation Jon Block shared some of the incredible success his company had enjoyed with the current series of X Factor. He said that stats across 25 advertisers using ITV’s new Ad Sync technology (which displays accompanying content on an app to the ad that’s showing on TV) the average CTR is 29%. Given that the average CTR for a mobile banner campaign is less than 1%, that’s enough to make any marketer take notice.
Shazam’s stats were also eye-opening. The app’s 375m worldwide users have helped Shazam generate $300m in sales, mainly in digital goods such as music downloads. But Will Mills (VP music and content at Shazam) said that as the company moves into TV, it’ll increasingly generate sales of other goods.
In the US, Shazam users can Shazam any moment of TV to receive information on the show, and Will confirmed this technology will be heading to the UK, although he was unable to specify a timescale. People in the UK are already using Shazam with TV – Will said that 30,000 people Shazamed this year’s John Lewis “Bear and Hare” Christmas ad when it premiered.
Impressive numbers all round – but it was also exciting to hear the flow of ideas or the future from our panel. Shazam, for example, is working on a feature that will allow advertisers to message people who have Shazamed certain content, making the app a “push” advertising platform as well as “pull”. Jon, too had ideas – such as the possibility of creating a series of whitelabel games (based on a ‘throw the pizza’ game that ran as part of Domino’s Pizza’s X Factor campaign) which would effectively be a ready-made gamified ad unit.
Will put it like this: “The key point with all of this is that we’re just scratching the surface.” We’re inclined to agree, and the sooner your brand gets involved, the better you’ll be positioned when results like the ones shared at our Breakfast Club meeting really take hold of the industry.
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